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In search of the Sourwolf

Let me explain.

In 2011, MTV released a “remake” of Teen Wolf—Michael J. Fox’s werewolf extravaganza, released in 1985—where the main character was played by JLo’s kid in Maid in Manhattan.

Except it wasn’t exactly a remake because it deviated from the source material a lot. Like, a lot lot. In many good ways, at least, for me. So, since 2011, I’ve been watching—both with adoring eyes and loathe-filled necessity, depending on the storyline—the series, and although I’ve thought many times about dropping it, but I didn’t.

This Tyler Posey tweet is essentially all of my feelings on the matter:

Anyway, so I learned that Tyler Hoechlin—Derek Hale—is going to be at Asia POP Comic Con this year and I have gone through so many roller coasters made of pure emotions because a) he will be here!!, and b) there will be a meet and greet!!

Tyler H. hasn’t been on Teen Wolf for like, a season and a half, but he’s been in a Linklater movie and is currently the live action!Superman in Supergirl world (which, honestly… he’s a pretty fucken perfect Clark Kent). So, like, I’ve had doses of “Derek” in my periphery, but catching up on Teen Wolf 6B? AND CATCHING A GLIMPSE OF HIS FIDGET SPINNER TATTOO?

Well, I fell into that pit fandom that I unwittingly avoided at the height of my wolfy love. So, essentially, I’m in love with Derek Hale, and it’s not 2011-2014.

Anyway, although you may be fooled into thinking that I am actually going to the meet and greet because of the exciting way that I have announced it, I’ve resolved that I probably won’t be able to make it. Probably. I think. (And trust me, I did try—shamelessly—but alas. I will probably have to fork over actual money I shouldn’t be spending on this. I’d like to think that my run-ins with the people I love, so far, have been serendipitous, but a number of them have involved me spending some cash, so I guess fate is fake.)

Here are some questions I would probably ask if I were to end up going and not chickening out of conversation:

  1. What do you do in your free time? (AKA PLZ update your social media more, I am desperate.)
  2. Is your favorite project, thus far, the porn-y dudebro Linklater movie, or is it the porn-y dudebro Linklater movie?
  3. What was it like jumping from broody alpha werewolf with PTSD and abandonment issues to porny dudebro athlete to actual ball of sunshine, Clark Kent-slash-Superman?
  4. WHY WON’T YOU TALK ABOUT STEREK ANYMORE? WAS ANY OF IT REAL? (Although, probably not. But I’ll think this one really, really, really hard. Maybe he’ll hear me.)

Then I’d probably ask for a hug or something.

LOOK, I just saw the Teen Wolf 6B trailer the other day and I’m just so fucking happy that Derek and Stiles are back, every episode I watch is like a damn stakeout for Sterek, tangled in love’s embrace or not. It’s all probably going to be in the last twenty minutes of the SERIES FINALE, too, so I don’t know why I bother with hoping.

Whatever, it doesn’t matter. I just miss Derek. (And Isaac… and Allison… and Stiles… Fine, maybe even Jackson.)

P.S. Speaking of, in the last episode I saw, Liam was all “BE LIKE CLARK KENT, REMEMBER?” to like, manage his anger or something, and I swear I died a little bit.