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The Sunday Currently Vol. 36

Just checking in, sort of. Been mostly busy with work stuff and moving into a new room stuff, and most of my free time is spent watching t.v. while trying to figure out this painting thing. I loved reading about Wayne Thiebaud’s process with his art, which is basically more of an experimental, process-based practice than a conceptual or more cerebral approach. Like looking at shadows, and looking at colors and how they sort of interact with each other and what happens when they do.



About to finish a light YA novel, The Sun is Also a Star. It’s cute, but I don’t know yet. I hope this isn’t me growing out of YA (because I love YA), but I can’t help but think of the inevitability of baby relationship breakups, and it’s hard for me to completely root for these romances when all I see is THE END OF THE LINE. I don’t know when this happened either.

Thinking of bringing some books to a short trip we’re taking this week… they’re probably not going to be YA. I need to be less jaded, I think, when I do pick up another one and give whatever cute romance they have the justice (i.e. fuzzy feelings) it deserves.


Last wrote about Pauses of Possibility, a group show at the Lopez Museum, for CNN Life. Not a lot of people really click on art stories on the site, To Be Honest, but I think it’s important to document them, anyway.


My Spotify Daily Mix 1, which Sam has noted is kind of the most accurate reflection of your person. I agree. (Artists on mine include Julien Baker, The National, Car Seat Headrest, Lucy Dacus, Wilco, American Football, The Mountain Goats… I mean…)


Not currently watching, but I think it deserves a mention: Thirteen Reasons Why is pretty amazing. I know like two people who hate it, lol. But I felt like it’s an important show… I do want to know what other people think, though. I know it’s a really touchy subject and at the risk of sounding completely insensitive and tone-deaf… I want to know if people who are closer to the subject matter feel like it’s a good representation of it, or if it completely missed the point, or if it’s emotionally manipulative and is Actually Bad. I know they consulted with a lot of people closely, but you know…

Full disclosure: I hated the book. I remember this feeling distinctly, at least. I feel like the series addressed some aspects of the book that I hated, but I still want to know if it’s a Bad Show, good parts (e.g. actors, soundtrack, etc.) aside. Please comment, or if you don’t feel like doing that: email or DM me on Twitter. I’m really curious + I do feel a little iffy about it, despite enjoying it as a viewer.


I don’t know, man. I think my brain short-circuited and all I can think about now is how I have to finish this so I can take a shower.


Let’s not get into that.


That new skills were easier to acquire and don’t require practice and patience.


Scientists figure that out in the future.




MY FILING CABINET. A godsend for a paper h0 like me.


Momentum! Motivation! Follow-through!


… Momentum! Motivation! Follow-through!


Nervy, but I’m p. uncertain about what.


Not so updated, but here’s my Pocket account.

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