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Away: a mix

For most of my six weeks away, I listened to one playlist (with stray albums and some tracks that aren’t available on Spotify). Since I hadn’t posted any mixes in recent memory—so dramatic—I thought I’d share that one with you. No rhyme or reason; just some tracks about leaving, some that relate to the places I went you in one way or another, and some that kind of describe the climate of my personal life at the time.

I will try to do a YouTube playlist, too, since Spotify—although I love it and do use it quite a bit—is, at times, a little lacking.

Away: a mix (Spotify)
1. “Berlin, Without Return…” – Voxtrot
2. “Photobooth” — Death Cab for Cutie
3. “K-L-M Line” — The Fairways
4. “Honey Bee” — Voxtrot
5. “Goodbye, My Danish Sweetheart” — Mitski
6. “Kreuzberg” — Bloc Party
7. “Accident Prone (live)” — Jawbreaker
8. “Age of Consent” — New Order
9. “Creature Fear” — Bon Iver
10. “Say Yes” — Elliott Smith
11. “Don’t Have to Be So Sad” — Yo La Tengo
12. “Go Home” — Julien Baker
13. “This Time Tomorrow” — The Kinks
14. “Ivy” — Frank Ocean
15. “…Familiar Place” — Lucy Dacus
16. “Karma Police” — Radiohead
17. “Temptation (7″ Version)” — New Order
18. “Steamroller” — Phoebe Bridgers
19. “Shady Lane” — Pavement
20. “Alone Again” — Illinois
21. “All the Wine” – The National
22. “Fake Empire” — The National
23. “Hard to Find” — The National
24. “Indecision” — Shura
25. “Help!” — The Beatles
26. “I Feel Fine” — THe Beatles

* Non-Spotify tracks:
27. “Okkervil River RIP” — Okkervil River (YouTube)
28. “Funeral Pyre” — Julien Baker (YouTube)
29. “Nothing Better (Postal Service cover)” — Julien Baker (YouTube)

* Albums
— Julien Baker’s Sprained Ankle (Spotify)
— Shura’s Nothing’s Real (Spotify)