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Me and the Gilmores

I’m writing this sorta recap, eight episodes in, because it was at last scene of the eighth episode that I found myself fighting through genuine, earnest blubbering. I knew this was bound to happen, given the material, I just didn’t know that it was a tearful best friend reunion that would kick open the dam of tears. (Okay, it’s not a dam, just a few pinpricks of emotions.)

I don’t know why I felt resistant to the lure of Gilmore Girls. I had, after all, only caught 3 or 4 episodes on T.V. (Did it air on Studio 23?) back in the day. I just knew I preferred Jess over Dean (or, more accurately, maybe Milo Ventimiglia over Jared Padalecki—forever haunted by Deans on television) even though Dean was from Chicago, which is a great city, and also that Rory liked to read, and that Chad Michael Murray played a character/bag of dicks named Tristan, and that Luke and Lorelai is a Thing—perhaps long and agonizing, but fated to persist, like Ross and Rachel—and so on and so forth.

Here are my observations, so far:

  • “Surprisingly into it. It’s something that’s still annoying to me, but is also heavily tinged with “aww.”
  • “Partly still watching for Paris and Rory subtext.”
  • “Very weird to see these people as babies. Enjoying performances of Alexis Bledel and Dean [sic] P. (skull drawing)”
  • “Lorelai remains (to me) insufferable though her immaturity/petulance feels like The Point of her char.”
    • above character assessment may or may not be totally fair to Lorelai, a mom who has raised her (very charming) child pretty much alone, though in many ways she still is kind of more sixteen than Rory, an actual sixteen-year-old
    • Can very much relate to her love for coffee
    • One of the joys of Gilmore Girls is seeing Lorelai bicker with her mother, Emily
  • “I want a Lane Kim spinoff”
  • Really enjoyed the scene where Lorelai and Rory got into a fight and they both put on Macy Gray’s “I Try” and sulk

  • Part of my “distaste” for the show kind of rests on me not liking how the entirety of Stars Hollow feels a lot like a studio set. Which it is, but you know
  • Can’t get invested in Max/Lorelai because of aforementioned, very heavy allusions to Luke/Lorelai
  • Rory is very cute, I am dead and also helplessly endeared
  • I let out an actual screech at the kiss at aisle three, by the ant-spray
  • Another point of “distaste” is them talking the same way—really fast—and I know that’s sort of the show’s signature, because that’s part of what kept me from watching it, but I guess I don’t mind it as much anymore… maybe. I don’t know yet
  • Anyway, so, it’s very cute

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 6.02.38 PM

So, I’m about to start episode 9, and it’s laughable how long the journey that lies ahead for me is. Season 1 has 21 episodes and there are 7 seasons. Rory, help me.

  • Oh, man! I was never a big Gilmore Girls fan but I did tune in whenever I chanced upon it on Studio 23. (Also, anything that involves Studio 23 is nostalgic.) I remember an inclination toward Jess too, but it’s probably because I’m always gravitating toward the most conflicted and misunderstood characters.

    Loved reading through your observations!

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  • i screamed a ittle bit seeing this post i’m so happy you’re watching it

  • kb

    Yay for the Gilmores! :D :D :D
    I love them to death, have watched all seasons twice! (Which involved a terrifyingly huge amount of time)
    Hope you continue to watch and enjoy! :)

  • isabelbayani

    I hope you finish all 7 seasons! I love Rory and how her character grows in the show. Stars Hollow is filled with quirky characters but all together they make an interesting cast. I literally cried when I saw the last episode of Season 7. And if you have more time, you can listen to the Gilmore Guys podcast where they discuss each episode, explain references etc. It’s quite enjoyable too (once you get past the first few episodes) :)