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The Sunday Currently Vol. 31

Happy father’s day!


I haven’t actually been reading much of anything, aside from a few bits from the Jessica Hopper collection I mentioned the last time and a few Pocketed articles I’d been meaning to read for a while. I think I’m going to start using the linked profile to rec stuff I’ve read in a place other than Twitter, where it’s bound to get buried eventually, like the rest of my other stuff—which, thank God.


According to the to-do list I’ve bothered to keep today, I have to write a PR piece soon, and also a feature for something I’ve spent entirely too long on. I’ve also been writing some letters. If I owe you one, don’t worry. I’m working on it.


You know what, I’m still stuck here with Julien Baker’s Sprained Ankle, and considering it’s 9 tracks long with the longest song at 5:05—”Go Home” tapers off to a piano measure (is that what it’s called?) of “In Christ Alone” at around the 3:30 mark and intermingles with an accidental capture of a sermon on the radio—I think it’s safe to say that I’m stuck here for good.


I started to listen to her main band, Forrister (formerly known as The Star Killers), and Tara pointed out that the first part of the instrumentation of “Thank You Mr. Durden” sounds a lot like a part of Julien’s song, “Vessels,” which is a realization we both enjoyed.

Aside from Julien Baker, I gave St. Vincent’s Marry Me and Wet’s Don’t You. Right now, I’ve gone back to Deja Entendu (because Deja Entendu is forever). But mostly, it’s been. You know.


I finally finished Orphan Black and holy shit! I still don’t get a lot of the technicalities (this is why I usually don’t like it when A.I. or unexplained tech happens in a reality close to ours) but I think I understand enough of the plot, ha. I can’t wait for next season—but have they even shot it! It’s reportedly the last, and I’m going to miss Tatiana Maslany, but I think it’s probably time to say goodbye. I feel like Frodo otw to Mount Doom, as in “We’re going around in circles, Sam!”

I’ve also been mostly watching Veep (which is still great, if a little too absurd to be mirroring real life like this…) and following UnREAL, which is good, but gives me a little bit of anxiety, still. I don’t know. There’s something about it that’s unsettling to me, but I guess that’s the point.


Counterbalancing all of the shit is Supergirl, which has gained a little bit more gravitas at the point I’m at right now, both as a whole and in terms of the characters. Anyway, so Supergirl/Kara Danvers is the cutest, ever. This is based on factual evidence based on facts. Irrefutable!


Okay, so I thought about writing this piece on something very specific, and as it turns out, I don’t think I’m ready to do that just yet… Which is an unfortunate thing to realize about something you had been excited to write about. And this is intentionally vague, because of complicated things, but yeah. Lots to unpack before I pitch this idea.


Coffee. Always coffee. Then, there’s construction next door, so… that. Anyway, I lit a candle—Sunday—which is ironically not pictured here.



For a breather! But busy is good, if you’re making money (haha) or doing meaningful things (my true answer).


I just woke up two hours ago. I haven’t moved aside from parking my butt in front of the computer screen.


My Midori/Traveler’s Company set-up. I feel pretty organized and um, I guess not so rudderless. I think I just always needed paper and a pen—all the other cute additions (unnecessary color coding, etc) were distractions.



I think I want to be less tethered to the Internet, somehow. I don’t know. IS THAT POSSIBLE FOR A PERSON LIKE ME. WILL I FINALLY BE HAPPY.


Ahhh, to exercise. That’s a thing I’ve been neglecting! I’ve been walking a bit more now, though. I also need to eat better. And… more raket for savings/stuff I’ve been saving up for. Oh, and a bluetooth keyboard.


I don’t feel any sort of strong feelings, actually. So. It’s like. A pause. Something like that.



I actually did read a bunch of things that stick out in my consciousness right now. Let me regale you with my traipsing around the Internet.

My brother and a Noah. Have a great Sunday, etc. etc.

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