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The Sunday Currently Vol. 28

I haven’t done this in months, so hi.


Just finished reading Mich Cervantes‘s Itch, which I bought yesterday. Currently, I’m still trying to finish a couple of books I’ve started instead of jumping on other new books I probably shouldn’t have bought, but you know. It’s hard when you have a less than desirable attention span.

Finally got myself a copy of Itch, heh. ? Loved this, @themichlife! — #carinareads2016

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A few pieces for CNN Philippines Life, a few things for myself.


I’d put my April playlist here, but I’m not done with it, I think. Been listening to a lot of local bands and artists… particularly an old favorite and my one true love, Ang Bandang Shirley.


To be honest, I’m thinking about the elections, but I don’t want to be.


Coffee, which I think is a little burnt, probably.


… Better social skills. A stomach for networking. That the best presidential candidate for our country wins, even if it’s not the one I’m rooting for. I don’t know. For me, it’s really about wanting a better Philippines, I guess, at this point.


That the weather is nice in Baguio and that we really do end up going to La Union.




My fucking fountain pens. Being just the right amount of drunk. The video of Shirley’s “Umaapaw.”


More time. But I don’t trust myself with it. Because I make bad decisions.


To learn how to draw, help me.


Quite aimless.


I want to do a links list, but my bookmarking method is still quite all over the place. What I have done is make a list of links (check the sidebar!), so if you are in the mood to read more blogs or sites, head on over there.

Of course, I also would like to recommend CNN PH Life. I’ve been quite proud of many of the pieces we’ve run so far.

I am going to the mountains and the beach for a week. I hope this is what I need to recalibrate or whatever.

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