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Oversharing No. 2: A Desperate Plea For The Retaliation Of The Mundane

Trust me to post follow-ups to series three months later. Sundays just have a magical way of making you either feel like you don’t have time or that you’ve got all the time in the world. Anyway.

Oversharing No. 1, posted back in November, was horrifyingly open and weird. Between then and today, I’ve stopped working at said magazine after the December-January issue came out—long story (though I like the new cover shoot a lot—I haven’t seen the rest of the new issue)–but January was surprisingly busy. And maybe this type of post is a little belated, as we ease our way into mid-February, but I don’t know, there are some memories I like keeping.

Like this random Sunday in early January when our parents caught us on our way to have some late-lunch crepes and coffee. (My dad stayed behind to nap and my mother can’t say ‘no’ to coffee.)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
And—even though I took them at my worst possible angle—I feel really compelled to post these photos, because I like the memory that’s attached to them, and maybe I like visual reminders.

I’ve been taking all of these random photographs, and I realized that my knee-jerk reaction is always to post them, even though they aren’t monumental images… I started posting about my day on LiveJournal, just a daily dump of thoughts and feelings and stupid pictures, so I guess I’ve made a habit of just taking loads of them, but the actual dumping part got lost in the shuffle because I don’t really keep up with LJ anymore. I’ve tried a lot of times, and I’m still in contact with a handful of people I’ve met on there, but I just really never go there anymore.

Not even for ONTD.



And maybe it was really easier to share back then, when it didn’t feel so open and weird and too much like self-exposure to write about mundane, everyday things. But anyway, I realized that the thing is I still like writing about mundane, everyday things. Even though no one probably wants to read them. So, I’m going to roll out semi-stories about my boring life, SEO be damned. (I’m talking as if I know anything about SEO, which… as if it needed any more clarification, I really do not.)

Speaking of LiveJournal, my post title is a song title of Element 101, which is a band I listened to a lot in high school, but unlike most of my attachments, I have no clue how I found them? My best guesses are that super CD of mp3 Petra lent me (but this doesn’t seem like a Petra band) or probably like a follow-train of ska/pop-punk/whatever bands I was obsessed with. Or like mIRC randomness.

I literally don’t even know, but if I had written about it before, I probably would remember today.