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The Sunday Currently Vol. 24


Still in the middle of S, which I’ve woefully abandoned, but I’ve started on Maggie Steifvater’s The Raven Cycle (first book’s The Raven Boys) because I found a rumor that it was based on 1D fanfic. The rumor turned out to be false, of course—M.S. reblogged my unwitting self and exposed me as a reader of 1D fanfic to all of her followers, thanks Maggie, ol’ buddy ol’ pal—though I can’t help but feel like I would be 1-million percent more invested had it been based on 1D. I’m just saying.


Exhibit notes & writing assignments.


Been listening to a bit of Memphis, The Drums, and Menomena. Other than that, nothing really new. I listened to One Direction’s new song, “Infinity,” but I didn’t quite like it that much. I haven’t listened to it again, so I can’t be too sure re: my final opinion.


About how I’d rather be dead inside.


Just finished watching Kakabakaba Ka Ba? which I saw the tail end of a few weeks ago. It’s great. (Such a deep critique~) I really want to see Mike de Leon’s other films, though I know that they’re really different from KKB. Makes me want to explore more of Philippine cinema, though. I mean, I try, but I haven’t seen a lot of old classics. A lot of them feel like they’re sad/depressing/tragic, and I’m a little scared that watching them right now will result in my flinging myself into a bed of hot coals.

Also caught up with You’re the Worst (more depressing than I remember?), Awkward (IDK why I’m still watching it?), Faking It (eh), The Mindy Project (double eh), and started on Doctor Who (more out of habit + support for Peter Capaldi) and Survivor (Y A Y).


Just house clothes, lol. I deleted a bunch of weird questions, but this feels like it belongs in the “weird question” category.


I am in a shallow well of hate lately, so I guess I’ll say that I love my dog.


A holiday. A very long holiday. And I don’t expect I shall return.


I mean, I’m sure you can tell, a tiny bit, how I’m feeling. I literally low-key want to set things on fire. Low-key, though. But I guess wanting to set things on fire—in and of itself—is a bit worrying.


Matthew linked me to this good read from Broadly: The History of Female Anger by Stassa Edwards. I guess it fits today.

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