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Life Lately No. 5

Been a while since my last post & my last Life Lately post… Is this what it feels like to be truly busy? Like, I know I keep saying I’m busyyyy, but I guess I was never really in a position of busy-ness that left little room for the Internet. I mean, could you imagine me? Not online? Preposterous! And yet.

Anyway. I guess I’ll start with this week because a lot “went down,” as the young people say.


A thuper thpethial day because of Carly Rae (Jepsen). I don’t know if you know that this was a show postponed from August, but I think it worked out for the best. Mainly because I had something to look forward to for September 14. She was amazing, obviously! I hadn’t always been a Carly fan and it actually took me approx. 5 billion years before I heard “Call Me Maybe,” but Emotion was kind of a revelation for me. I think I started listening to Kiss a few times when “I Really Like You” came out, and while I thought it was p. good, I didn’t particularly love it. (Then One Direction happened, and you know how that went…) Anyway, hearing the songs live—especially that amazing version of “Curiosity” put me on a Kiss binge, and it’s actually really pretty amazing.



I watched with Chard, Bea, Zaxx, a bunch of other friends, was somehow serendipitous-ly sat beside Gia D. Agh, I’m so sad it’s over. The day before the show, I was engulfed with this weird sort of sorrow (fucking dramatic, I know) when I realized that once she sings a song I love, it would probably be the last time I would ever hear it live. I love her and she deserves the fucking best.

This was my face for that day, haha

Oh, oh, oh! I also went to Emotional, which was the after-party organized by the folks at Future. Basically an excuse to listen to more CRJ. I had a lot of fun. I mean, sometimes I do like people. (JK, I always like people; I just get drained.) At some point in the night, I tried to convince a Nice Buenaventura and a Cos Zicarelli to listen to Emotion. I mean, I wasn’t successful, but, you know. You’ve gotta try.


On Tuesday, I had a shoot with Ryan Villamael for a (near) future issue of Esquire. Jonty produced it, and I’m happy it worked out super well (if I do say so myself) because I suggested Ryan for the shoot, lol. I love the styling and the photos, and I want to talk about it more but I’ll wait for it to come out instead.

Sari, Ryan, me

I met up with Raymond and Gian for The Biannual Skinny updates, too, and we’re getting there! So, stay tuned, please. We’re just terrible with time, I guess. In other news, I really missed Yabu.


On Wednesday, I had a show at West Gallery. a little, on purpose is my fifth solo, and it was borne out of sheer panic and my brain hitting overdrive during the last few moments. I should probably stop doing that. My process seems to be hinged on thing for a long time and then kind of just trying to get things done. It’s not a very healthy/effective process, but well. You know how I do.

alittleonpurpose-carina santos

Here are some photos I filched from Shinji:
keep this close,the end

connect the dots


Just going to leave this here for Posterity, my future child:

Anyway, it’s on display until October 17th! My mom is having a great show, too, as is my sister (her first solo!). Gallery 3 has a two-man show by Lendl Arvin and Johanna Helmuth.


My brother was shortlisted for the Ateneo Art Awards this year! We went for support and had a time. Anyway, I’m very proud of him, obviously. S/O to Ryan who did end up winning, and sweeping all the fellowships for Isles, which I posted about here.


Can we please pause and admire how much socialization I’ve done this week, all the while refraining from punching myself in the face. Anyway, yesterday was pretty intense at work! Then I rode the train to Shangrila for dinner and to catch Heneral Luna.


It’s a good film! Obviously, it’s not perfect, but I do think that Tarog pretty much successfully navigates through different tones, I think. I mean, it’s hard to make war “lighthearted,” but I think he manages to make some of the comic aspects realistic, if that makes sense. There were a number of beautiful scenes, though, and I think that’s already a step above many historical films. I just feel like it didn’t try too hard, which is a good thing, because it doesn’t end up diluting the message they want to push. The point rings clear because the audience isn’t distracted by pointless things. Just my thoughts, anyway. It left me wanting to read up on Philippine history, though. Any and all recs welcome!

Anyway, that’s mostly what I have. Can you believe I’ve already left stuff out? Amazing how I’m still alive. Just a heads up—I’ll be posting some backlog over here. Sorry I’m confusing my own timeline, but that’s what I get for being lazy, I suppose.

I’ve also got my September mix ready (huhu); it’ll most likely be up by tomorrow.