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The Sunday Currently Vol. 20

Sorry to spring another TSC, right after the last post. But well, here ya go anyway.


Finishing up Meghan Daum’s The Unspeakable, which I have mixed feelings about and Kim Gordon’s Is It My Body?, which I’m honestly having a bit of trouble with.


Nothing concrete at the moment, just a bunch of outlines that I feel like will help me out in the, um, future.


I made a mix on Spotify for July, will post it here soon.


I’m watching Sense8 right now, but I stopped myself from downloading all of the episodes because I still want to be a functional human being and not, like, a degenerate T.V.-watcher, like how I normally am. Liking it so far, but the tone’s weirdly not how I expected it to be.


Life, lol. No big deal.


My morning coffee, mmm.


That the tides would turn and whatnot.


Every time I see these prompts, I think about that Side A song, lol. I’m sorry.


Tank & boxers & bare feet.


The feeling of putting together a zine. :) I’ve been putting making one off for a long time because I’m lazy and it takes me an excruciatingly long time to get stuff done, but when I was actually making it, I felt really good. :)


OK, this sounds dumb and unnecessary, but I kinda want a new phone. I’ve had my iPhone 4 for a few years, and although I am in absolutely no position to get a new one, I think I just might get one and pay for it in installments. I’ve been advised to wait until the new one comes out so that I can get the older model for cheaper, but I’m scared that I’ll end up wanting the new one… like an asshole who thinks she has money but doesn’t.


A faster internet connection, tbh.


Ill-at-ease, which is a pretty great way to describe the particular feeling the word was made to describe.


I’ve got a bunch of cool links, actually! I’m so excited to share.

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