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Green leafy Tuesday

Well, technically it’s a Wednesday, but only a few minutes in, so.

Anyway, as I was writing this post and gathering photographic evidence of the past few days, I realized another reason why I probably feel so lacking in stuff to blog about. Immediate posting on social media took over! Like, if you already follow me on Instagram, the ff. photos are freaking redundant because I posted them already.

(If you don’t follow me, it’s @presidents!)

Notice how I posted them anyway. To be fair, nothing much has been happening in my life. I usually only psych myself up for a new day, taking an inordinate amount of time to get ready, before getting a bit of work done (always less than I intend). I read a bit (jk I read a lot, but lately, it’s been fanfic) and I eat, etc. Sometimes, if I can be bothered, I’ll run a little on the treadmill. It’s a very humdrum life and although I always itch for “an adventure,” I usually can’t be bothered to get ready for it. So, therein lies the dilemma, I suppose.

Apart from senseless rambling, some notables:

My friend, Apple, got married! She was one of my closest fronds in junior/senior years of high school. It was so funny, as she was walking down the aisle, she spotted me & Tata, pointed and said “Uy!” in like, surprise? As if she didn’t herself invite us, haha.

We made them take a selfie with us, haha. We look dumb, but I think it’s a cute photo. :)

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Tata is my funny face partner-in-crime, ever since high school. I have photographic proof that’s probably better left unshared.

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Missing Pam, who is off in Europe somewhere, on an adventure!

Anyway, I need a haircut.

I signed up for a pool membership. I plan on going with my sister 3 times a week and the only reason I’m even mentioning it is so I can shame myself into going, since it’s out here and all. Not that that’s worked out particularly well for me, but you never know.

Et cetera. Ryc iMessaged me today, which was kind of fortuitous because I was feeling a little bit like poop. It’s weird that someone who lives halfway across the world is just what you need sometimes. Anyway, Ryc works in academia basically, so we talked about how weird it was that this was a hard concept to grasp for most people. She also helped me sort out through a lot of poop feelings, so that was nice. I’m honestly pretty much a volcano at this point, so apologies in advance if you somehow push a button and I explode or something. I’m working on it, I guess.

Et cetera 2. LOL do you remember when “I am a walking contradiction” was such a thing to say when you were younger to make you seem deep and complex, even though you were just listening to a lot of Avril Lavigne. Because I do.

Why Isa is my best friend. Okay, so sometimes I get weird story ideas that I need to just write out and stuff. Like, the idea of it won’t leave me until I write them. Long story short, I subjected Isa to a chapter that’s almost 10,000 words—which is way more than I ever wrote for NaNoWriMo, haha—with like a shoddily constructed primer email, linking photos, etc. Anyway, she took it in stride and was actually really helpful with the comments, even though she has no clue what the hell that fic is about. I also made her ship a pairing I had never ever considered in my life, so… IDK. I don’t know if I can count that as an accomplishment, but my point is, she’s great!

In Other News:

Little Mix were on Live Lounge today and they dropped an amazing Jason Derulo cover. Yup, I’ve been all over a Jason Derulo song for the past two months, lol. Anyway, it’s great, don’t judge, etc. etc.