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The Sunday Currently Vol. 17

Another day, another list. I’m not going to apologize for it because it’s kind of what I want to “write” today. Yesterday was pretty busy. I slept at 3am (kept up by Jenny Han’s P.S. I Still Love You—cute, but 3 stars, max), woke up at 6:30 to get ready for a workshop, then a lot of stuff happened in between then and 4am, which is about the time I managed to get home. (Thank you, Evee!)

Anyway, here. It’s Sunday, and these are my currentlies:


I’m in the middle of Meghan Daum’s The Unspeakable: And Other Subjects of Discussion, but I’m actually currently reading an mpreg fic, which I never thought I would ever touch, but there you go.


Fixing outlines and trying to be organized with my thoughts, like a champ.


Well, you already know the answer to this. So, there.


About the pieces for You Are Here that I probably should finish up by tonight or tomorrow. “Probably” means I should have actually finished them weeks ago.


This is such a weird prompt, though. Why is it even part, and not, say, “watching”?


For more time vs. for the discernment to use my time well.


I don’t get into one of my moods again.


Pambahay c/o Uniqlo. I’m also wearing a bandana! I don’t know if it suits me, but it’s keeping hair away from my face, which is frankly all I care about if I’m at home, and sometimes when I’m out.


… the mpreg fic I am reading. Oh, and yesterday was pretty strange and fun and a people-filled day that I actually really, really, really enjoyed, in spite of being people-filled.


A little motivation!

OK, so I used a Fiskars Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer and it is the best thing ever created and I want it so badly, it’s ridiculous. I have morphed into an old lady with no children.


Actually, a lot of motivation.


A little panicky suddenly, but I’m trying to let it pass, hoping that it does.


… the mpreg fic. How many times will this list try to bring that up! Just kidding, I know I’ve brought this upon myself.

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