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The Sunday Currently Vol. 16

Hello! It’s Sunday! I made it!


I just started Kim Gordon’s Is It My Body?: Selected Texts even though I’m in the middle of a million books. To be honest, I’ve just been reading a lot of fanfic, apart from articles and pieces online. Sorry.


Nothing interesting, I’ll tell you that much.


I’ve been listening a lot to One Direction’s Take Me Home, which is their second album. I think their weird situation’s making me feel sad so I’m clinging to what I like to think is a fun but irresponsible (haha) time in their lives. I am seriously clutching my pearls at the thought that babies are listening to these monsters, lol.

My favorite tracks are “Kiss You,” “C’mon, C’mon,” “Heart Attack” (I have an inexplicable automatic smile for this stupid song), “I Would,” “Back for You,” “They Don’t Know About Us,” and “Nobody Compares.” And maybe “Last First Kiss,” too. Hahaha, I mean. Just saying. If you wanted to embarrass me in public, just play any of these songs because I don’t think I could stop myself from “dancing.”

Apart from that, though, I rediscovered just how great Fleet Foxes’ Fleet Foxes was/is. And I found out about Halsey recently—from an RT by Tyler Posey, of all people—and I’ve been liking some of her songs.

Kind of not really in my general/usual cave of music taste, but then I listened almost exclusively to One Direction in May, so who am I talk, eh? Also, she’s gorgeous and we share the same birthday.


I need to go up to paint in the next hour.


Clean and fresh. I just took a shower!


My clothes fit me better, lol


For a good week ahead. I mean, that’s all I want!


An old H&M tank that’s exclusively a pambahay now + boxers


Nothing really to report in this department right now. I’m pretty ambivalent about most things right now. I err on the side of liking things, but nothing deserves a love declaration right now, I don’t think.

OH, I guess I love that I hit my 10k steps today. I was trying to get it out of the way in the afternoon and it just ended up making me feel really, really sleepy for the rest of the day. Even after short naps, caffeine, and a cold shower. I tell you, endorphins are mythical.

Oh, and okay, that painting in this post (Rene Magritte’s The Lovers 2), I love. I don’t usually like a lot of his stuff, but this one, I love.


Too many things.


To go up to paint in the next hour.




I don’t even know, half the time. I have way too good of a muscle memory, as far as my fingers + a mouse are concerned anyway. Oh, I read this piece by my friend Laurel this morning, it’s quite funny/nice: Yes, Taxi Driver: I’m a T-Bird.

Oh, and if you (still?) like/love Zayn, you’ll like/love this gem I’ve unearthed today. Haha.

The Sunday Currently was originally created by SiddaThornton
Image is Rene Magritte’s The Lovers 2.