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The Sunday Currently Vol. 15

Hello! I’ve been refraining from posting The Sunday Currently “volumes” because I didn’t want this blog to be a TSC graveyard. I wanted to post one today, though. So there. I deleted some categories, just a heads up!


I’m actually not reading a lot of things at the moment, just a few articles here and there. I’m hoping to get back on the reading train today, though. I’ve just been… preoccupied.

I do need to read two manuscripts (!!!) ASAP, though. So there’s that. I guess I’ve solved my own problem.


I’m writing One Direction fanfic. I guess it’s up to you to decide if you believe that or not.


One Direction has been on a steady loop, but I’ve also been listening to a lot of Interpol’s Antics–which is my favorite of theirs, I think—and a bit of The National, The Radio Dept., and The Drums. Would you believe that I’m suddenly not sure what my favorite album by The National is? Because I really don’t know anymore.

I’m going on a Rob Has a Podcast binge, though. I don’t think this is very healthy.


About my Survivor: Second Chances list. If I could vote and stuff. And Ziam’s doomed love.


That I didn’t think about these weird ass things, haha.


A Fly Art shirt (this one) and boxers from Uniqlo.



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I want to make more stamps! My sister and I went to a craft party/workshop yesterday held by Juice Hut and Nica Cosio, which was kind of weird because we don’t do that much. It was pretty fun, to be honest. I held off making One Direction stamps, heh. So I’m proud of myself. Smile, one of my favorite people from college, was there too, so that was nice! Who knew that carving out rubber would be so therapeutic?

I’m also wanting to join the Kelly Purkey x Life Documented Manila workshops here for later this month (!) but I’m still thinking if I want to join both or if I can do with just one. Adulting is hard.


To find my center. I’ve been all over the place lately. As if no one could tell.


A N X I O U S. I want a therapist.


Honestly, I’ve been spending time again on Tumblr. I’m pretty sure you can guess why.

The Sunday Currently was created by Sidda Thornton
The header image was from our craft day! We made stamps, plates, and stationery.