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Sister Saturday: Juice Hut’s Craft Party

I’m trying to make it a habit to post dailies here because I’ve always liked those types of posts! I don’t know why it always feels wrong, somewhat, to make those here. It doesn’t feel natural when I write “day in the life” stuff even though I think about what to write all the time. I think the existence of word vomit magnet Twitter and microblogging platform Tumblr may have influenced our ability to siphon through random thoughts and make sense of them. It shot my ability anyway.

(Sidenote: If you were around on LiveJournal a lot before, did you ever have friends who did the day in the life posts? My favorites were the ones that posted a photo for each hour they were awake in a day. I loved those so much, and I like hearing about other people’s days, even if they don’t do anything particularly special.)

I realize, rather belatedly, that I’ve lead with something that has nothing to do with the title. Whenever I used to type out my day in LJ-land, I used random song lyrics or whatever phrase is stuck in my head and while I could still do that, it really made looking for older entries really, really, really hard. And so, although I want to ramble some more, I think I’ll post about the actual “Sister Saturday,” and save my ramblin’s for another time.

So, Sister Saturday. Basically what happened was my sister got a text for a craft workshop from Juice Hut, which is where she used to get her juice from. She juices her own stuff now, but the thought of making our own stamps, plates, and stationery was so appealing to me (IDK WHY?) that I asked if she wanted to go and bond or some shit like that.

The workshop was held by Nica Cosio of Carlos and Veronica, and it was pretty fun and straightforward. The rubber we used was pretty soft—they are essentially erasers—but the carving away of the negative space was so therapeutic, I immediately wanted to make more.


The first stamp I made is of the constellation, Carina. I based my image off of the logo I use on my personal portfolio.

The event was held at EDSA BDG, one of my favorite places to hang out (if I actually find myself out of the house). I ain’t even gonna lie and say that the “free breakfast” wasn’t a factor in our signing up for this.

I mean. We got coffee (I had 2 because some of the participants didn’t want theirs?! WAI.), a pain au chocolat, and these frakking awesome granola parfaits that I want to have for breakfast everyday from here on out.

Look! I ran into Smile, one of my great friends in college. This other photo is of a bunch of our stuff. Mine are super simple because I’m trying this new thing of not going overboard. Which happens quite a bit.

The workshop turned out to be pretty fun. I’m itching for the carving blocks and stuff, but I really have no clue what stamps to make and what to use them for, so I’ve held off buying. Like a good adult with pretty good EQ.


My sister and I ended up eating at Refinery, since I needed to be in Makati later that day. I’ve only had coffee and soup there, so I was so happy to get to try the food! It didn’t disappoint, but I do feel it’s a little overpriced, aka regular Makati pricing scale.

I had the honey and basil grilled cheese (you read that right!) and Beng got a salad, then we both had a strawberry basil lemonade and split some truffle fries, which are so, so good.

Check out my sandwich! I’m very proud that this was a meatless meal. LOL my teeth are so weird? I don’t even know why I bother with this close-mouthed smile because they always manage to peek? My lipstick is NARS Train Bleu, which I’ve reviewed here.

I don’t have photos of what happened after—I wrote a lot in an Illy while I waited for Sarie—but check out what I came home to:


My sister got my One Direction cookies! True love really knows no shame. I’m a little sad that all of the 1D cookies left were apparently of Liam, but I’m happy my sister remembered that my fave’rit is Niall. :)

Some Currently’s

  • I saw About Bruce today and it was brutal, an arrow straight to the heart. I don’t know how I’d have dealt with that, but I’m kind of really happy about how honest that special turned out.
  • Boycotting Game of Thrones for the time being.
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  • How to Build a Kickass Portfolio via ADC

Anyway, see you later folks. Maybe I’ll post again tomorrow. Could I hack this post-a-day dream? STAY TUNED.