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One Direction’s Four and the Story of How I Have Been Effectively Ruined: A Review

OK, so judging from the reactions to my half-week gushing binge, this obsession with One Direction was unprecedented. I know that the most, I think. I promise my maddening descent into it isn’t particularly sudden. I’d been mildly curious about the boy group for a while, like being in a strange house, picking things up to look at, and setting them back down again.

I attempted to watch their movie over the holidays but couldn’t because, socializing. They came here, left, and I didn’t really care, but was sad for everyone jilted by Zayn. I do know the whole story of my own growing obsession, though. I read this, remembered this, and somehow ended up reading 1D fic. And then I was gone. That’s the whole sordid story. Maybe I’ll embellish another time, but this post is for Four.


Four is 1D’s latest release, titling it in the worst way possible. (Or best, it depends how you look at it.) Anyway, so this album. I kind of really like it. It’s been on a semi-constant loop since I started listening to it, and that’s kind of a big deal because I’ve been really distracted when it comes to music lately. Like, I can’t stand listening to albums; I have to force myself to. With Four, I really didn’t have a problem. And when it ended, I just started it back up again, or picked my favorite track.

I mean, it’s really kinda cute how I tried to compensate with Bon Iver. But failed.

Ahem. More evidence of my sad demise: I took notes per song. I know, I know. I’m dead to me, too.

  • Steal My Girl is super catchy, but I watched the video before hearing it, so I might be biased in my love for it, because I loved the video. Let’s pretend the lyrics are not what they are. You can be your own people, everyone.
  • Ready to Run, my favorite part is the verses, which is (to me), a little jangly and folk-y, but then it bursts out into a young-free-yay pop-py anthem that makes you want to run into the sunset. I like it when it comes on but it’s a little forgettable.
  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go is the song that was kind of an eyebrow raise for me back when I didn’t know any better, but ahhh I love it now. I know it’s cheesy, but that’s why I love it. Also, Harry.
  • 18 UGH it figures that my most-played song is the Ed Sheeran sapfest, but I can’t help it. I’m immune to its sticky-sweetness. I know this is a manipulative serenade, but fuck me, I love it so much.
  • Girl Almighty is a song that I also love. When I put this album on when I ran, I blazed through when this song came on. It’s so, so, so fun.
  • Fool’s Gold, I find it weird that this song comes after Girl Almighty. I don’t care much for it.
  • Night Changes is EEEEEEEEEEEP. I love this song, but I think my opinion is heavily marred by the most perfect video they’ve ever made, those bastards. But we all know this song is a lie, Zayn. This is a lie. A lie I will keep believing.
  • No Control is fun and cute, but I don’t find myself wanting to listen to it or looking for it, but I never feel like skipping it when it comes on and I love kinda singing along. Because I’m now the kind of person who knows words to One Direction songs.
    *NOTE: Listening to this album very much feels like being swept away in a frenzy of heart eye emojis. The tracks end up kind of blurring into each other, except for the singles and the stand-outs.

  • Fireproof is so, so, so cute and is for sure written for, um, internal love declarations veiled as a love song for strangers and fangirls. Can you imagine Ziam serenading each other? Ugh. Well, we can’t because Zayn left.
  • Spaces is kinda zzzz. Skipped frequently. Sorry.
  • Stockholm Syndrome, AHHHH I LOVE THIS, haha. This is the type of song I try very hard not to sing out loud in public. One of my favorites, but apparently it’s overplayed a lot on the radio?
  • Clouds isn’t my favorite… I feel like it’s so loaded with so many distracting sounds to make it loud. It sounds like a last track of an album that makes you want it to end. Sorry.
  • Deluxe Edition Tracks:

  • Change Your Ticket, I quote from my notes: “I love this so much, ugh. It’s like fanfic.” What did I tell you? R U I N E D. I started writing these notes for the song before Clouds was even done… like an asshole. This sounds so much like old boyband pop, I love it. Also: WHERE IS LIAM?!
    *NOTE: Not sure why Louis gets shit for his voice. I love his voice. I think it suits him so much.

  • Illusion is apparently for Liam’s girlfriend. Apparently. (JK, Sophia, I am sure you’re a great person.) It feels like a 90s/00s throwback tricked out with sappy pop bells and whistles. I obviously love it and I hate that it’s not about Zayn. Again, Sophia, I’m sorry I’m being a jerk. Anyway, this caught my attention right away, for some reason. Probably because it reminds me of old pop/R&B songs.
  • Once in a Lifetime, ugh Harry’s voice. ♥ I’m not too keen on this song either. It’s a sleepy song that feels displaced in the album, which probably explains why it’s only in the Deluxe Edition.
  • Act My Age is fun, but I feel the same way about it as Clouds. It feels a bit misplaced in the album, but I guess that’s why it’s an extra. I don’t hate it.
    *NOTE: Two final songs (Clouds and Act My Age) have the same vibe, like a couple of friends just about to turn in for the night after New Years Eve debauchery or the end of a really long journey that they’re wrapping up. Or something.

So, I also started playing this when I went for a run, just to test if it would keep my attention long enough (short answer: no it didn’t). I ended up skipping Fool’s Gold, Spaces, Once in a Lifetime, and Clouds. It’s not a big deal, though. Just about nothing can divert my attention from how bored I feel when I run.

On a final note: This whole album is pretty much a bunch of sweet talkers and it’s disconcerting to me how I’m kind of falling for it? But in a self-aware, thousands of miles away from the “proposition” way. Yung medyo puro bola siya, pero parang nakakatawa kasi nagpapabola ka naman kahit na alam mo? No fucking wonder millions of girls all around the world are sighing wistfully.

You know this video doesn’t help either, but I’m so impressed by the gall and the brilliance of this that I don’t even mind at all.

This was a guest post written by someone else.