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Friday’s 10 Happy Things No. 1

Okay, so the day started out really shittily because my dog woke me up by jumping on me, moving around a circle, and settling down beside me then an ant jumped onto my eye, bit it, and hung out with my lashes. I had to dig it out and it was a revolting time. NUISANCE.

This post is about happy things, though. I did a Happy List a year ago but never moved up from Vol. 1. Apparently, I am quite an unhappy person, lol. Here’s to trying, though.

So, ten things.

  1. One Direction — Kind of a given? I see the night as a thing I go through so I can listen to One Direction some more. It’s pretty simple, though. I binge-listened to The National, et al. and it just made me so warm and sad, so I figured it would be smarter to music that makes me want to dance.
  2. As supplied by this tweet, D O N U T S.
  3. Hitting my steps/day goal! I haven’t been doing that lately, but it makes me happy when I do.
  4. Putting together mail and care packages, since I owe a lot of people a lot of mail
  5. As mentioned in my last post, my favorite Twitter account recently, Zayn as Flowers.
  6. This video of Robert Mangold talking about Sol Lewitt and the MoMA, where they met and worked as security guards in the early 60s. Right?! h/t: John Maeda
  7. My face on MAKE’s social media!!! CAN I SCREAM.
  8. The Le Métier de Beauté Sexy Eye Palette, which I can’t even wear today because my stupid eye is swollen. Still, though. Makes me happy.
  9. That Harry Styles baked a cake for Stevie Nicks and they all ate it together. I MEAN, WHAT.
  10. Work. Yup, I’m happy and I’m thankful, and that’s that.

That’s it. I’m doing this because I saw it on Helga’s and it’s apparently a link-up, so there. If you want to be assaulted with more happiness, check hers out and possibly some other links that are already in the comments section. Join in, too! I think this happens every Friday, though I doubt I’m gonna be able to keep up. Nice to keep the bad thoughts in check, though. I think, anyway.

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