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The Sunday Currently Vol. 14

Good Sunday from me, she who is nursing a mild hangover from last night. It’s a little weird that I absolutely did not feel anything kicking in, so to speak, last night, and I drank more than usual. But then I felt like I got suckerpunched the next day. I’m not going to lie: I slept most of Sunday away. I know I said I was going to start Skillshare Sundays, but “failure” was in the title of that post, so I think it might be moot to expect anything big.


Like I said, I spent most of today sleeping. Getting ready to cozy it up with one of my “currently reading titles,” though, so I can get stuff out of the way before embarking on my 10 Books to Read in 2015 list.

Oh, I also bought a copy of Light from Rob Cham yesterday! So I’m looking forward to reading that.


Mostly brainstorming for some writing projects I have.


Ahh, okay. So, Sarie and I went to A!R! yesterday after the longest-ass time. Shirley played a bunch of new songs but also a bunch of old songs and one of the songs they played was “Patintero/Habulan/Larong-Kalye,” which I first heard in high school and it blows my mind how much I still love that song, and how much I love some of their new stuff, too. Anyway, so that’s what I’ve been listening to right now.

Here‘s a new release by The National called “Sunshine on My Back,” and I don’t know how I feel about it.


I watched a few episodes of Daredevil with my brother earlier this afternoon AND HOLY SHIT.


“What can I write about?”


For this and this, and while we’re talking about impossible things, for a band. Or rather, the skills and the guts? gall? to form a band.

And that I was back in high school so it’s not as sad-seeming as it would be if I formed my own band right here, right now.


My haircut! I cut my hair short on April 11th last year, and this year I went to have it cut again on the same date.


I kinda want to tweak some parts of it, though, but shaving the sides of my head feels like a good idea. For now, haha. I just have so much hair and it’s so freaking hot.


To eat at 12/10 again.


To clean out my room. I have too much stuff for the space I have, I think.


A little overwhelmed but optimistic.

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Header: Square Ends by MM Yu. On display at Finale, Makati City.