Month: April 2015

April Goals & My Inevitable Failure

I realize that it’s like a week into April, but I also realized that writing stuff down has always been what really gets me moving and doing things. I started outlining monthly/weekly goals here a few years ago, but that didn’t really take off because I have a problem with consistency, I think. And remembering […]

The Sunday Currently Vol. 13

It’s still Sunday in some parts of the world, right? Reading I’m still stuck in the middle of Yes Please (I don’t know why this has been such a slow-going process, honestly…) and Colin Meloy’s Wildwood, which is a fantastic children’s/intermediate reader’s/don’t-make-me-pick-a-genre story. It follows the story of Prue, a Portland native, whose on a […]

Los Angeles

Staying in LA felt kind of like staying in Manila—just with a lot less fear of getting mugged, if you can believe that. I was never really a big fan of the so-called City of Angels, but I suppose your relationships with places depend on what you do in them, who you meet, and where […]

MoCA, LA: October

MoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) was considerably smaller than all of the other museums we’ve been to in the US, and I think it might have been the last one we visited, if I recall correctly. My cousin, Christina, actually kind of gave us a disclaimer to not expect much, since we had been to […]