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April Goals & My Inevitable Failure

I realize that it’s like a week into April, but I also realized that writing stuff down has always been what really gets me moving and doing things. I started outlining monthly/weekly goals here a few years ago, but that didn’t really take off because I have a problem with consistency, I think. And remembering things I am in the middle of. And commitment. Sometimes. And also, I tend to get into very lazy moods. It’s something I’m trying to kick because it’s just a really ugly thing to be, I think. Anyway, onto April Goals!

Big-ish Month Goals

  1. LTO application for student’s permit — I tried to do this in January, failed at that, and then kept failing at it because of all the trips I had lined up earlier in the year. I will try to hopefully get it done this month.
  2. Write Consistently — I always get distracted by this, but I have a personal goal that I’m keeping to myself re: this particular item, so let’s just leave it at that.
  3. Lose 3 lbs. & keep it off. Currently at 129.8 lbs. then I scarfed down rice crackers, a whole bar of Violet Crumble, and paella.
  4. Start & continue The Great Discontent’s #The100DayProject — Inspired by an exercise given by Michael Bierut, this is a 100-day challenge to make something. Which is a nudge I felt like I needed to pay attention to, and so here we are. I’m posting my 100 days on my Instagram under the hashtag #100DaysofPaperByCarina because #100DaysofPaper was already taken.
  5. Start painting — HAHAHUHU

Everyday, Routine Things

  1. Have a desk system & keep it tidy — I am like a clutter magnet. This must change, because I literally cannot work when my desk is a mess.
  2. 5,000 steps/day — the daily minimum is ideally 10,000 steps, but I’ll take 5,000 because it’s way better than my normal number. Literal baby steps, I guess.
  3. Drink 2.6 liters of water a dayI calculated via here. Procrastinating Pretty has great tips on how to drink more water everyday. I personally use a Klean Kanteen and try to drink 3.5 Kleen Kanteens of water.
  4. Establish a work routine — I gots to treat my job like a job because it’s a job.
  5. Pay attention to my Bullet Journal — More things just get done when I’m not being lazy about my lists.
  6. Drink more tea

General Stuff to Get Done

  1. Skillshare Sunday — which was a practice that has been replaced by naps. Oops.
  2. Fix emails
  3. Budgeting
  4. Book & beauty sale
  5. 2014 travel posts up
  6. Catch up on my reading

OK, I’ll stop right here. This is what I mean by I am a self-saboteur. I set myself up for failure—an inevitability I claim before I even embark on my lists. I am not overly optimistic or delusional about what things can get done. I know this is too much stuff, and yet I heap them on my plate. Ridiculous. Anyway. Let’s see how this goes, I guess?

There’s only so many hours in a day.