Month: April 2015

Casual Consumption No. 12

These are too few and far in between, given the rate I actually consume stuff, but I think that instead of increasing the frequency of these posts—a promise I make every time and fail to deliver—it would make much more sense to dial down on the watching and reading and such and actually take the […]


Each time we’d gone to Vegas (admittedly not a lot of times), we mainly stayed along the Strip, exploration not going beyond casinos and shows. And it’s not very fun either, because we don’t even gamble or participate in general debauchery Vegas has been known for. Our Vegas trip is probably a lot different from […]

The Sunday Currently Vol. 14

Good Sunday from me, she who is nursing a mild hangover from last night. It’s a little weird that I absolutely did not feel anything kicking in, so to speak, last night, and I drank more than usual. But then I felt like I got suckerpunched the next day. I’m not going to lie: I […]

10 Books to Read

Most of the time, achieving a goal requires an intentionality, and this is my attempt to regain my reading momentum for the year. Inspired by a video by MarionHoney, I listed 10 books I’d like to read as part of my 52-book goal this year. This is my usual target, and I haven’t been reaching […]

Viva Las Vegas: 2014

A short post on our mid-LA stint in Las Vegas last October. Every time I go there, I always have to ask myself: “What are we doing here?” We don’t gamble or watch a lot of shows (though I kind of wish we went to go see Britney Spears), but we do have some family […]