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More Mundane Updates from My Grinch Cave: I’m a Columnist!

Yesterday, I posted this photo on Instagram about a recent some-some I wrote about the DREADED. QUARTERLIFE. CRISIS.

Anyway, I posted this disgustingly staged photograph of the broadsheet next to my morning cup of coffee (it’s delicious) and this meant to serve as a subtle announcement of “Quiet Company,” aka my very own column, aka the thing I have been waiting for since I started writing for The Philippine Star. Isn’t that nuts?!

I was going to go with “Gutter Prose” as a column name, but it’s not very “me,” I very sadly had to admit.

You can read my verver first piece here. I promise the photo of Cappie will still be on the page. I’ve gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback and support for it, so thank you to everyone who has extended words of support. It really means a lot and warms my little ol’ Grinch heart, but then that might be the 32° weather we are having right now.

I’m so happy I still get to write for SUPREME, too. I’ve been really inconsistent with work lately, because I’ve been going around a lot and getting trapped in my “unmotivated state,” but I am pushing myself because I know I can do more with what I am given, which is another realization I had last week.


Other than that, I don’t have much “news” news, you know? I’ve been putting off posting travel photos on this space, for some reason, but I think I might just go ahead and do that in the next week. There’s no feeling quite like the feeling of getting “caught up.”

Some Cool Links I’ve Collected:

‘Yoga Pants are Ruining Women’ and Other Style Advice From Fran Lebowitz: Haha, this one’s a doozy. I don’t necessarily agree with everything, but the way she is so sure and unapologetic about her opinions is so hilarious to me that I can’t help but like her a lot.

Advice I Would Give to My Teen Self:

7. Remember that, no matter how much harder you sometimes think life is for you than it is for cute boys, popular rich kids, under-achieving geniuses, head ballerinas, blondes, nerds, identical twins, whoever, and no matter how true that may be, you are also someone with the power to hurt someone else. Use it only in the most extreme cases. Okay?”

Her Instagram Feed Finds The Fun In Long-Suffering Somalia

Fascinating Photos of Reindeer People Living in Mongolia: Must Freaking Click. Seriously.

hang on, my love, and grow big and strong: a letter from Iggy Pop to a fan in 1995.

Photographer Gilbert Blecken Captures Iconic Musicians on Film: Stunning, timeless photographs and a lesson on patience, and on brazenness and connection

Amount of money that art sells for is shocking, says painter Gerhard Richter: An important and refreshing perspective on art, value, and ownership

The Animals in My Home by Laurel Fantauzzo: I don’t know if it’s because I know them in person, but this piece was so gripping and vivid to me. Fun read whether or not you live in Manila! Hehe.

Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird on Call Me Ishmael: Call me Ishmael is a great project itself, but here’s an anonymous voice mail (with a typed-up video) from a reader on the timelessness of TKAM.

And to all a good night.

  • I’d love to have a column, go you, this is super awesome and I love the links you posted too.

    • Thank you so much! Hehe, I always save links and have a bad habit of not sharing them, so I’m glad you enjoyed them!

  • Congratulations Carina! I was recently inspired to write a blog post about the quarterlife crisis (though I don’t call it that :p) after finishing Lev Grossman’s Magicians Trilogy. Also, I think you are doing more with your time and life than you give yourself credit for :)

    • Thank you, Kubi! Haha omggg I am still bracing myself for the 2nd Magicians book.

  • Woohoo! Congrats Carina. I would definitely look forward to your next articles :)

    • Thank you Jhanzey! :)

  • marianabantug

    Congrats, Carinaaa! We get the Star but I am one of those horrible persons who hardly reads the newspaper. For you, I will def start!

    Also, you watched Greek!! I miss that show. Cappiiiieeee. <3

    • Thanks, Iana! Haha oh man, I know what you mean. I only ever pick it up to see the Lifestyle sections because they don’t post the spreads + all the photos online.

      HAHA YEAH. I never finished it with bums me out, but I don’t know where to pick up again because I forgot where I left off??