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Life Lately No. 3

Hello! Just popping in to say nothing of substance. Yet again. I never thought to make “life lately” a series on this blog—because that’s what blogs are supposed to be like, right?—but I noticed that there are just some things that are hard to categorize. Lumping things that don’t make sense together, that’s my motto! No, it’s not, really. That’s a very bad thing to do. But for the sake of my own sanity, I welcome you to: Life Lately.

It’s been a while since my last update, which is essentially a preview of my January. I have been enjoying Project Life, but I find printing photos tedious. I think I get restless when I am “too” caught up and run out of things to do, so I’m trying to let it sit for a while and focus on other more important things… You know, like work. Real life interactions.

Anyway, I went to Hong Kong with my family for Art Basel! It’s an offshoot of the original, which is held in Basel, Switzerland, and is basically a huge-ass art fair. Imagine having just 6 hours to go through hundreds of booths. An impossible but exhilarating feat nonetheless. I shall regale you with my exploits in another post, probably.

Me + my sister, on a double decker bus on the way to Stanley Beach, under the impression we would be going to Repulse Bay, lol.

We stayed with my cousin, Shirley, and her family, and celebrated my dad’s 55th (!) birthday there. Although I have been to Hong Kong a few times, I’m still not sure if I like it or not. I think it can be fun to visit—most people go there to shop, but there are tons of other things to do—but I’m not sure if I want or can afford to live there. I really enjoyed spending time with my nephew, Ethan, though. They’ve lived in Hong Kong and Vietnam, so I haven’t seen him as often as I see my other nieces and nephews, but it was so fun, because he’s been talking a lot lately!

Life’s been slow on the work front, though. I’m getting my bearings but can’t quite do that so well because I mysteriously had trips lined up one after the other. Totally by accident and definitely out of the ordinary. I wish I could effortlessly settle down after a trip and just get into the meat of things. Alas.

I think it has to do with my mess of a room + studio space, though. I’ve had “clean room” and “clean studio” on my list since even before 2015 started, but I keep stopping midway because of my shitty attention span. I must get on this, stat.

I’ve finished 2 books this month, one I’m in love with and one I’m ambivalent about. I’m in the middle of way too many books, though, if that’s possible.

In other news:

I had a BMI analysis because my cousin’s super swanky digs had a machine, and WOW. How depressing. I haven’t crossed over to obesity~ just yet, but my stats are obviously unhealthy, with an excess in fat. As if I didn’t already know! But it’s better to know than to live in the dark. I just want to make healthier choices, because I am a literal child when it comes to picking between salad and fast food. Chocolate always wins. But I’m a little bit more motivated now that I can actually see the numbers. Also, watching Total Divas on E! helps a lot.

Also, my about page makes me LOL. Time to put a revision on my to-do list!