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Casual Consumption No. 11

This is going to be short-ish, as I haven’t really been doing much indulging with watching and reading and listening to things. Compared to my usual allotment, that is. What can I say? The thirst is real, and so I hustle. Ahem.


My sister wanted to watch Comet with me, so I obliged.

Aside from the beautiful shots and some choice moments, I fucken hated this movie. I don’t know if it’s Justin Long (it probably is), or the extremely unnatural dialogue, but Comet just did not work. I can admit to liking some aspects of it, but I feel like it wanted to do too many things and ended up not doing all of them in the best way it could have, if that makes sense.


Kingsman was mildly exciting, but it gets a little dragging and indulgent in the middle. I was looking for other reviews to help articulate why it felt like it was missing something and I found this one by Wesley Morris on Grantland, which explains my dissatisfaction more than I could. Sarie and I watched this separately, but we both agreed that Taron Egerton was a cutie. P.S. Am I the only one squicked by the implied butt secks in a holding cell? Also, some punchlines come across as corny.

1384292_1532013940388256_4189633015030497311_n I feel like I never talked about That Thing Called Tadhana on here, but I watched it quite a while ago (first week of February), and while I enjoyed watching it, it’s not something I’m all that enthused to recommend to people in a go-out-of-my-way to preach this gospel and lead other people to enlightenment. It’s really funny and entertaining, and I am all too quick to tell people about how JM de Guzman looks like Piolo Pascual and John Estrada’s offspring, but it’s not the second coming of Philippine cinema. I liked it! It made me want to go to Sagada, but it’s not life-changing.

Medyo nabaliw ako dito, kasi jologs ako:


Parks & Rec wrapped recently, and I’m so happy I stuck around even when it started out a little rocky and sometimes not-so-funny, because it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen in recent years.

Currently, I’m watching a lot of reality show trash on TV (namely Christina Milian Turned Up—just because it’s always on—and I’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians), but I’ve been so invested in Masterchef Junior, which weirdly wrapped up its 3rd season already, Total Divas which is surprisingly high drama, and Survivor, because it’s Survivor! It’s been real fun so far, but I guess we’ll see. I have a bunch of untouched shows that are waiting to be viewed, but I’m not in the mood to add new shows to my already huge roster.


Yeah, yeah, yeah—I drank the Kool-Aid. I really, really, really, really, really, really like that new Carly Rae Jepsen song. I’m sure you know which one. I’ve been meaning to give Kiss a listen and this just might push me to do that. Also, Taylor Swift’s new album. I’m embarking on my new pop (mis?)education and am welcoming any recs.

Also, have you guys seen this video? Of course you have!

My sister and I went on a Spotify-binge for some R&B and hiphop but we kind of failed and settled into the comforting familiarity of old pop music.


In case you missed it, I posted a bunch of capsule book reviews here. Right now, I’m working on The WORN Archive, which is quite interesting. I was so excited for an awesome fashion magazine when Anna broke the news to me that it wuz dead. Such a shame, this has been such a good read.

Another thing I have been (painstakingly slowly) working on is Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. It’s really, really great if you are a fan of American comedy, Saturday Night Live, et al. because it provides lots of little stories from Poehler’s time in specific shows and situations. It’s a little scattered, but I still like it. The audiobook is way better, but the book has so many funny pictures, too, so I’m a little torn!

I continued my re-read of Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. It’s slightly ousted JSF’s Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close as my favorite book by a little bit, but the re-read’s proven to be a little bit more tedious than I expected.

I’ve also started on Colin Meloy’s Wildwood, which I’ll probably save for a trip overseas next week.


I’ve been binge-watching Stephanie Bryan‘s Project Life process videos, but lately, I’ve been loving YouTube’s #DearMe project where a bunch of awesome YouTubers make a short letter to their younger self, from the perspective of their future self. It’s quite nice, and it’s a little bit of proof that it gets better. :)

This is just the introduction, but the description box has links to all the people they featured in the video, and their versions are so fun to watch! What would you say to your younger self? :)