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The Sunday Currently Vol. 12

Even though I have an iPad mini, I find that it is still a bit hard for me to blog on the go. Anyway, hi from Taiwan! I’ve been here since the 10th and we’re on our last night. That photo above was taken in a beautifully modern tea house in Jiufen, the small town (is it a town?) in northern Taiwan that inspired Spirited Away.


I haven’t been reading much except for research on places to go or tips and stuff. I can’t wait to crack open a book.


I just finished writing postcards to send to people. I’m thinking about starting a postcard exchange thing. Well, I’ve been thinking about it for a long-ass time… Perhaps it’s about time I get around doing that.


Oh my gosh, I’ve got Grammy-nominated songs stuck in my head the past two days, it’s ridiculous.


This is going to come across as real dumb, but I’m thinking about my Project Life album…


Ugh, so our hotel is practically beside this store that sells pork floss that’s the best I’ve ever tasted. It’s mixed in with nori and sesame and they cook a big batch every day and the smell of it, wafting along our street, is such a beautiful smell.


I’m wishing that I could have been here in Taipei in time for Hostess Club Weekend. Alas.


To make the most out of the month and the next one. I have two more trips coming up soon. I don’t know how people who travel so much manage to work so much too,


Jeans from Uniqlo, my favorite and only shirt from Cheap Monday, a sweater from Match Globe Fiftyfive, something I got in Korea.


Taipei is a huge enormous love, currently. The pork floss, the washi tape, the people, the food, the subway system, the Hobonichi Techo I found, the stationery, the airport. I mean, why is this place so underrated?!


My suitcase to magically pack itself.


To set up my game plan for when I get back so I can jump into working right away, and figure this balancing things out.


Mostly cold because this room is cold!


I don’t have any links right now, but I want to share a few soon.

The Sunday Currently was pretty much stolen from siddathornton! Header photo is of me in Jiufen, taken by my sister, Isabel.