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Casual Consumption No. 10

Before anything else, I’d like to invite you to check out a feature of my Project Life life over at Life Documented Manila’s blog!

Get a peek at some spreads of my Project Life 2014 Highlights album, and a bit of it into my process, but not really. If you’d be interested in a process post or video, or storage, or anything PL-related, let me know.


It’s been a great time for T.V. for me the past few weeks. Just kidding, it’s always a great time for T.V. But! I’ve been really enjoying HBO’s trifecta, Girls, Looking (a little less than the other two), and Togetherness, which—holy shit—is so frakking good. I am sometimes a little wary of the Duplass brothers, but I always err on the side of I LOVE THEM.

New episodes of Parks & Recreation are a thing of delight and dread because I am always thrilled by them, but I am also really sad that it’s ending. I continue to have mixed emotions re: The Mindy Project, to hate-watch Pretty Little Liars (because I’ve reached the point of no return), and to cackle like a fabulous little witch whenever I watch Broad City.

Oh, and how could I forget: I have been watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the background while I work. If this has long-term side effects on the stuff I make remains to be seen. I have episodes of Better Call Saul waiting for devouring, and I’m still thinking about making the leap to see The Casual Vacancy before reading it.


I FINALLY FINISHED A BOOK FOR 2015. HALLELUJAH. I am planning to write a review on it, as a personal goal for 2015, but I have also started another book, on audio: Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, which I feel like reads better than it sounds like being read to me.

I finally put my Audible subscription on hold—for three months—to see if I should continue my membership or not. All the books have just piled up, so I’m not sure if audio books are for me. Enough to spend $14.95/mo anyway, since I like reading and all.


Been looping Aly Cabral’s “Would You Do The Same For Me” on loop. I found it on Petersen‘s Twitter. You can hear it here:


I don’t even want to think of food anymore. My weight has peaked and I’m embarrassed that I even care about it, but I can’t lie. My body ballooning is, frankly, a terrifying thought.

That aside, I really fell in love with this pork floss we found on a random store in Taipei—it’s mixed in with nori and sesame seeds, but I ate too much one night and felt really sick, so I ingest the damn thing in moderation.

Oh, and in an effort to make healthier choices, I’ve been enjoying salads comprised of literally only lettuce, olive oil and lemon dressing, soft boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, and as much as it pains me to eat: bananas. I hate bananas.


OK. I think I am late to the gay YouTube parade because where has The Gay Women Channel been all my life??? I will be embarrassing and divulge how my discovery came about. Ahem: I was searching for “Project Life Lesbian” (lol) because I was sick of seeing Project Life albums from the “majority demographic,” let’s call them. And! I stumbled upon this wondrous channel and plowed through “Faking It Friday,” a series where they recap every episode of Faking It, ever. If you recall, I watched this MTV show called Faking It, and Faking It Friday made me want to rewatch it, even though I didn’t even really like it that much, but Sarah and Adrianna are just so damn funny. And I want to be their friend.

So, yes. I’ve been watching that series, and a bunch of other random videos from their 180-video archive (yay!) when I stumbled upon a new series from a different channel that I just finished devouring, Carmilla, which is about vampiric college dilemmas.

It’s based on the Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s novella, Carmilla, one of the earliest examples of vampire fiction. You’re welcome.

Other Stuff

I got a Hobonichi. In the middle of February. Oh, and the version I got? Is in Japanese. I wouldn’t say this is an impulsive decision, because I’d been thinking about it a lot, but I guess I’ll be honest and say it totally was an impulsive decision because I was blinded by the Gimme Gimmes when I was innocently combing through eslite in Taipei and found the Hobonichi, in the exact cover I wanted, staring me in the face. Yep.

A photo posted by Carina Santos (@presidents) on

Not my finest moment, but may I direct your attention the the sheer amount of decorative tape I have acquired on this trip instead? #aintnominimalist

Other Other Stuff

Oh my gosh, Tiny Letters, you guys. They are the best.

Anyway, I think that’s it for this volume! I will strive to make these appear more frequently, just because it’s a biznatch to catch up. If you want me to expound on anything, like in the form of a review or a dedicated post, please feel free to let me know. :)

Header photo was taken in Nevada with a Lomography Diana Baby.