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2015, so far: January

Not a lot has happened in 2015, really, but here are a few things I wanted to remember post-January. I think it’s important to keep track of things like this, especially if you are as muddle-minded as me.

General Observations:

  1. I didn’t have as much idle time as I used to have, but there’s still room for improvement, especially since I sort of lost my shit towards the end of January and decided that all I wanted to do in life was to lie down on the couch and take cat naps.
  2. In terms of work, I surprisingly spent this month writing more than doing anything else.
  3. I had lots of fun with photographs and a conscious effort at documenting. I know that the general consensus right now is to put down your camera and ~be in the moment~ but sue me if I want to preserve a memory in an image instead of in words.
  4. There was a lot of “soul-searching,” aka admitting my fundamental weaknesses as a person.
  5. I have just been more present. Except for the last few days, but I’m fixing that.

Field Notes used up:

FieldNotes - Jan

Top row were started in December and filled up by January. L-R: County Fair, Night Sky (with sticky notes I never used), Cold Horizon.

Bottom row were used and filled up in January. L-R: Shelterwood, Red Blooded.

These are what I mainly use for writing and organizing, though I do have a Monthly and Weekly planner, and some bigger notebooks for longer drafts/thoughts/sketches, and some lists books.


Currently still in the process of The Empathy Exams—almost done!—The Sandman Vol. 9: The Kindly Ones, and Yes Please. I like all of them.

Art shows I went to

I went to a ton, but I still missed out on a few. Why can’t my body be in two places at once! Here is a list of the ones I managed to visit:

  1. Finale: Amy Aragon, Lyra Garcellano, Ranelle Dial (blogged)
  2. Leica Club Gallery: Leica Club Manila
  3. Light and Space Contemporary: Oca Villamiel (written for Supreme)
  4. Vargas Museum: Forces at Work
  5. Blanc Gallery: Jordin Isip, Louie Cordero, and Melted City 2
  6. West Gallery: Mark Andy Garcia, Kurt Gloria, Buboy Cañafranca, Segue
  7. Finale: Wire Tuazon, Kieye Miranda
  8. MO_Space: Fernando Modesto
  9. Ateneo Art Gallery: Eric Zamuco

I’m still in the process of sorting out photos and thoughts. Apologies for the massive delay. I don’t know what it is about my brain these days. It honestly feels like a dinosaur processor and I want to kick it several times, if it meant that it would work as fast and as efficiently as it used to.

I’d like to:

  • Procrastinate less. Opportunities need to be seized, and no seizing is being done when you spend most of your “waking hours” napping or giving yourself a pep talk to start working.
  • Do more instead of planning to do more. Just do it, duh.
  • Learn more. I’m doing this thing called Skillshare Sunday where I attempt to slowly bu surely get through all of the classes I’ve enrolled myself in over at Skillshare. This isn’t going very well, but I’m not giving up!
  • Spend less. I’ve curbed my spending pretty significantly, but I still want to re-learn the difference between necessity and luxury, and learn it in an intrinsic way. I don’t want to want unnecessary things.
  • Write more. I know I said I wrote a lot this month, but I want to keep track of my days more. I think this keeps me grounded. I don’t want to float away again.

Header image is detail of Patty Eustaquio’s painting, on display at Art Fair Philippines.