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The Sunday Currently Vol. 9

Yaaas, I made it before 12mn! For New Years, I think I should work on my a) expectations, b) scheduling skills… because I don’t have any. Does it make me optimistic to actually believe I can squeeze in x amount of tasks in a day, or is that just self-sabotage at work? You tell me!


I am going to be starting a new book later, before going to bed. I am pressured to pick a good book because I feel like it will set the tone for my reading mode this year. I don’t want it to be a re-read either.


Aside from this post, I have been back-journaling on a “2014 Highlights” series for my Project Life album. It’s going along OK. I am also writing some profiles for something that I can’t really talk about, I don’t think.


Still on the question of whether sucky scheduling makes me a doomed optimist or a self-saboteur.


I’d love to smell some freshly brewin’ coffee but I know that’s going to spell out doom for me hoping to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight. So maybe I’ll go “smell” some camomile tea instead.


I don’t fall off the wagon again this year… I know “wishing” connotes an impossibility, but you never know. It could happen, though I hope it doesn’t.


That I’m not setting myself up for failure! HOW DO YOU BE A GOOD PERSON. TELL ME.


The dress I was wearing earlier today! It’s a geometric dress I got from L’usine in Vietnam.


PROJECT LIFE. Seriously. It’s amaze. Also, I got myself a Canon Selphy CP910 over the weekend. It prints 4×6 inch photos via WiFi and SD Cards and it’s making my Project Life-ing so easy. It’s ridiculous. What else? Oh, the lens Sarie gave me for Christmas is awesome. It’s a Sigma 17-50mm, 2.8 and I haven’t known life until this wide of a lens.


Nothing, really. I’m good. :) Maybe more money for savings.


TO GET STUFF DONE, GOSH. (Now you know what I’ve been spending my time on…)


Torn, lol. Ugh, this is the best proof of my low EQ.


I’m looking through the Studio Calico Project Life member galleries for inspiration! I’m also really enjoying Sheens’ blog, The Art of Oversharing.

And that’s it. I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. :) I’m stepping away from my dorky scrapbooking to plan my week and this includes blog posts!

The Sunday Currently Originator. The header image is of me at a Lyra Garcellano exhibit, taken by Sarie.

  • Sarie Cruz

    Glad you liked the lens bean! I was convincing you to get a lens like that for a while now but it was taking too long so I bought one for you instead.

    Did you edit the header photo or are the colors and detail really that good raw?

    • HAHAHA hi :D

      I tweaked it!

  • More, more dorky scrapbooking! I hopped from Instagram over to your blog (can’t believe I haven’t been following this, whut) to see if you did more Project Life pages. Hahha. Moooooore! My life goal is to make scrapbooking “cool” ;)

    Gah, I only did 14 weeks of Project Life in 2014 — a highlight reel sounds so much better than trying to catch up. (You just gave me a good idea.)

    (And isn’t the Selphy amazing? I’m getting a little OC lang about the colors but bah, basta ma-print!)

    • YAAAY :D Hehe hi! I don’t know if you remember me, but I freaked out when I found out you were a part of LDM cos I remember your old old old scrapbook pages, haha. Yay, I want to contribute in “making it cool,” lol. I can’t wait to see your 2014 highlights! I saw your blog post on 2014, and so many amazing things happened! :)

      (Yup, I’m not complaining! Hehe if I need pics that I super need the colors to be right, I think I’ll just have them printed. :D )

      • OMG, haha my old old old scrapbook pages >.< But of course I remember you! ;)

        Ipauso na ang scrapbooking! Can't wait to see more of your album! :P