Month: January 2015

Casual Consumption No. 9

OK, I'll admit it: this is going to be a mishmash of things that have been “casually consumed” in the most general sense of that phrase. So, instead of only ultra-specific articles of pop culture, I'm going to mention a few other things (you'll see what I mean as I go along). Ahem. FILMS Aside […]

Boston & Stockbridge, MA

We spent two nights in Massachusetts sometime in late September, before heading off to our next stop, New Jersey. I’ve been to Boston before (the same year JK Rowling gave her commencement speech at Harvard; I was there about 2 days earlier) but never on this side. It was a lovely side trip, even though […]

The Sunday Currently Vol. 9

Yaaas, I made it before 12mn! For New Years, I think I should work on my a) expectations, b) scheduling skills… because I don’t have any. Does it make me optimistic to actually believe I can squeeze in x amount of tasks in a day, or is that just self-sabotage at work? You tell me!

2015 Resolutions


Happy new year, whoever you are reading this! I’ve been trying to think of what kind of resolutions I’ll be making for 2015, or even the format they will take, and I think that I finally managed to think of something that works for me. I’ve been watching a lot of planning videos (sue me) […]