Year: 2014

The Mona Lisa Project at Solaire

The Mona Lisa Project has been on display at Solaire’s new wing since late November, but there was an Artists’ Night held on December 12—unfortunately, a Friday. A lot of artists and friends couldn’t make it, but then a lot were also able to, despite the unfathomable traffic. (Thank you, friends!) In case you’re unfamiliar, […]

Fred Perry’s Rebel with a Cause

My dad, my siblings, and I contributed to Fred Perry’s Rebel with a Cause, a “food and art charity throwdown” for the benefit of the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban. From December 12-14, 2014, everyone was invited to bid on an art auction and sample many, many different food items from some of Manila’s […]

The Sunday Currently Vol. 6

Another belated The Sunday Currently post, right on the heels of… last week’s The Sunday Currently. Wow. Exciting. Reading Well. You know. Those books, still. Come on, Carina… I have about two more weeks to make even just the slightest bit of progress on my Reading Challenge. I think I just have to do better […]

The Sunday Currently Vol. 5

A rather belated The Sunday Currently post. Today was a Sunday that was busier than usual, and I say this even though I got to take a nap. I thought I’d do a round-up anyway. Reading Still dipping into Kelly Link’s Magic for Beginners—until I took that nap—but recently, I finished the latest 3 issues […]