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Thoughts from Places: Italy 2012

Yup, this video is very late. Sorry about that. I went back and forth about it but then I realized that even though the footage is shaky, and the commentary maybe nothing new for other people, I like documentation a lot more. Speaking of which, I find it really odd that I don’t take things down as much as I used to. That probably accounts for my lack of deep introspection these days. Thoughts?

Anyway, Italy. I have been vocal about how it’s not really my favorite place when we went to Europe in 2012, but I think that warmer climates generally make me a hot-headed/cranky/moody person. Take me to the Arctic!

I’ve blogged about the Italian leg of our trip over the course of a few posts, so if you’re interested in revisiting that, they’re linked down below:

It’s a really beautiful place, I kind of forget how much of a Grumpy Cat I was when we went there. Oh well. It’s the lingering memories that count anyway. :) I think I might be missing a few more posts, so I’m going to look for them on the Wayback Machine, and add any I’ve missed.

I hope you’re having an excellent day/week/month/year so far. It’s kind of crazy how soon 2014 is ending. I asked my mom if this year was just weirdly short or if “shorter years” are a symptom of getting old. She said it was about getting old, which kind of scared me a little because I do not want to feel like time is running out.