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The Sunday Currently Vol. 7


We got two Balikbayan boxes filled with stuff we bought on our last trip (mostly books, food, hard-to-bring-home things) and I think it’s kind of fitting/sad that I still haven’t gone through the rest of the trip.

If you’re still following that um, series, I guess I should say what else I’m working on. I still have Boston/Massachusetts, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas, and other parts of Nevada to go through. We stayed with old family friends in New Jersey, too, but that was more of a rest/recharge than anything, aka I loved my time there because I love the Ortegas, but I also didn’t really take a lot of photos. Just saying.

Anyway, The Sunday Currently! I can’t wait to see this by Vol. 78 or something. It would be nice to look back on.


I finished Dianne Wynne Jones’ Howl’s Moving Castle last night! So, so, so good. I am still thinking of whether or not I’ll read the rest of the trilogy—I read through the blurbs and I’m not too sold on them—but I am currently in the middle of the seventh volume (!) of The Sandman, Brief Lives, which I read when I was a baby, i.e. in high school, but don’t remember much of. I borrowed the books from my friend, Mich, so there was no real room for obsessing back then.

And a confession: I finally shelved Magic for Beginners. Hopefully I’ll go back to it in 2015.


Blog posts and assigned (!) work. Here’s a secret: I have trouble pitching stuff, so I like it when I get assigned stuff. Not always, but usually. Does this make me a follower or a leader? I have no clue.

I’m planning on working on some goal setting later today, though. Am I masquerading as a Type A personality? Not at all, but achieving goals works better for me when I actually take the time to write them down.


Christmas carols in my head. Did anyone get into the “Christmas spirit” this year? I sure didn’t and it’s already the 21st!

Also, Thysz posted this on her Facebook wall, so I guess this, too:

(I had no clue they were Swedish? What??)


I’m thinking about what movies to watch—since I do love them holiday ones—and about Serial’s final episode.


Chocolate chip cookies. <3


For some self-restraint in 2015.


To start my Project Life stuff! It’s a (seemingly) easy way to document days, and I can’t say no to that!


A ratty tank from when I was in high school, Uniqlo boxers.


All the new books I have to read from the box. :D


A Canon Pixma printer. If you needed me to be specific.


Daylight! I can’t take photos anymore. :(


I’m feeling a little down on myself for not doing my blog photos when there was still light out. I mean, I have no excuse, I was up at 10:30.


Why writing things out by hand makes you learn better
What is a Need? Consumption vs. consumerism
Life Documented Manila’s blog, particularly Christine’s (hi Ch!) Project Life Tuesdays
— The resurrected blog of Melanie Richards, hooray!

And with that, I bid you adieu!

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