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The Sunday Currently Vol. 6

Another belated The Sunday Currently post, right on the heels of… last week’s The Sunday Currently. Wow. Exciting.


Well. You know. Those books, still. Come on, Carina… I have about two more weeks to make even just the slightest bit of progress on my Reading Challenge. I think I just have to do better next year, but I’m (partially) motivated to try harder for 2014.


OK, so here’s the thing: I bit the bullet and bought myself a Midori Traveler’s Notebook. See here:

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I’m still figuring out a system that works out for me, but the last things I wrote down are journal entries and drafts for bigger ideas I wish to expound on. The Field Notes notebooks—which I have an abundance of—don’t quite fit perfectly in the Midori, but that’s OK by me. Anyone else using this system? Care to share your setup? :)


About how much I still love The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies despite being long and indulgent and filled with Tauriel, fake elf from Nowheresville.


Aromateria’s Ender, ahh.


I got the plate number of that douche face who ran over my toe with his SUV at the pedestrian lane at church today. Yep, that happened.


An ASOS shirt I wore out today and a pair of boxers.


My Prrrrrecious Midori. Also, the Instax Share SP-1 that we gave my dad for his birthday.


A Blue Field Notes-sized Midori/Fauxdori cover from Davis Leatherworks. And also, to finally be On Top of Things.


Nothing, really. I have way too much stuff, so I suppose I need more space? Just kidding. I need to get rid of some of my stuff.


Somewhat panicky, somewhat for no reason.


MIDORI EVERYTHING ON EVERYWHERE. I have single-handedly created a monster and that monster is me. I’m obsessed with knowing people’s set-ups. O B S E S S E D. I will honestly watch a 27-minute Midori setup video even if it is obviously irrelevant to me.

Oy vey.

I hope you are all doing well. Here’s to a better week ahead.

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Header photo from “Book Ends,” a group show curated by Mariano Ching. Work is by Charles Buenconsejo.