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The Sunday Currently Vol. 5

A rather belated The Sunday Currently post. Today was a Sunday that was busier than usual, and I say this even though I got to take a nap. I thought I’d do a round-up anyway.


Still dipping into Kelly Link’s Magic for Beginners—until I took that nap—but recently, I finished the latest 3 issues of Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga. I’m also a bit further along Dianne Wynne Jones’ Howl’s Moving Castle, but I’m a little bored because I had just seen the Ghibli version. I know they’re vastly different, but I’m just telling the truth!


I realized that I had no beauty blog posts written out for next week (yikes) so I’m writing a lot of text to go with the photos that I can only start taking tomorrow morning, when there’s light. Somehow, in my quest for organization (see “Clicking” below), I failed to actually do some organizing.


Pastilan Dong’s “Bell Spell!” is so good. I listened to it a lot after I first heard it live, then stopped, then now I guess I’m back on that train.

Pastilan Dong! (a Visayan expression that roughly translates to “damn, son!”) is made up of artists active in the local scene: Kaloy Olavides, Cos Zicarelli, Alvin Zafra, and Pow Martinez. I know they’re raising funds for their second album (you can still get a digital or physical copy of the first one here) with a series of signed screenprinted posters, with the first one designed by Pow Martinez—click here—and a forthcoming second one designed by Kaloy Olavides.


I’m living in a literal mess.


I got a few Aromateria scents! I’ve always been curious about these. I think I first read about them from Sheena, two years ago. Anyway, these are locally made solid perfumes with fresh scents named after literary characters. Excuse me while I convulse.

I picked up Ender, Blue Oyster, and Hermione (and Sherlock, but to give to someone), and I am still eyeing a plethora of scents. Some aren’t my cup of tea, but I like them all enough to recommend them. They have an online store, but here’s a list of stockists. I got mine at FIRMA in Greenbelt 3.


I didn’t have this urge to compulsively shop all the time. I don’t know what’s happening here, but my lack of space has not been a hindrance. Curse you, Christmas consumerism! I am a way better shopper for myself than for gifts, I’ll tell you that much.


I wake up early tomorrow? It’s 2:10am right now, so I’m not holding my breath.


My faves: a pair of Uniqlo Relaco 3/4 shorts, and my favorite Uniqlo t-shirt blend ever (sadly seems to be DC’d): the Light Weight Cotton. It’s the best.


Aromateria! Seriously. I open them up one by one to inhale, it’s kind of embarrassing. They are such great gift ideas, too.

Also, I placed an order for Palapa from Nipa Foods and I finished my non-spicy jar in two days. I’d eat that with anything, basically. Palapa is a traditional Maranaoan condiment that uses indigenous scallions, coconut, and ginger, and I love it so much. I’d give it as a present to everyone I know, but it’s kind of an acquired taste, I think.


… Aromateria. And Palapa.


To shut up about Aromateria. #cantstop #wontstop


Overwhelmed. To be frank.


I’ve been reading a lot of productivity articles, tips, and methods, with a real intention of sitting down and streamlining my workflow, which is basically all sputters with occasional surges lately. For my main app picks aside from Google Cal and Gmail, I’ve got Evernote, Todoist, and IFTTT. I’ve been exploring recipes so far.

And that’s it. Hello from Noah and me!

The Sunday Currently’s origin story.