Month: November 2014

Life Lately

My head is a jumble of updates… and I don’t know where exactly I should begin, so I thought I’d go from right now and work my way backwards. At least for this post. If you’ve been following me on Instagram or any other social network where that account is linked, you’d probably have an […]

Lunch on the Met steps, Sorta

(Not really.) The visit to the Met(ropolitan Museum of Art) was, predictably, pretty frustrating. It’s the one museum staple (ha!) that always leaves me a little underwhelmed. I think it’s an effect of me being bogged down by the volume of their collection that has everything—from Native American to African to Egyptian to Greek, etc. […]

The Sunday Currently Vol. 3

The Sunday Currently is sort of like a weekly checkup of several items you are ‘currently’ in the middle of. It’s kind of like a diary of sorts, a documentation of your (or in this case, my) headspace at a particular point in time. Or, it could just be a way of passing the time […]