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Life Lately

My head is a jumble of updates… and I don’t know where exactly I should begin, so I thought I’d go from right now and work my way backwards. At least for this post. If you’ve been following me on Instagram or any other social network where that account is linked, you’d probably have an idea of where I was the past week and a half. (Hint: It rhymes with ‘soul!’)

As much as I enjoyed exploring new places and getting to do all these cool things—like actually stepping into North Korea—it’s so hard for someone who is a freelancer who has the natural propensity for laziness to get back into the groove. I’m talking about myself, obviously. I’ll be getting rid of all my blog backlog in trickles over the next couple of weeks—relevance be damned!—but I thought I’d kind of document what has been happening aside from all the fun trips I was on.

Hoodwink Art Wall

Hoodwink Art Wall - Carina Santos

Hoodwink is a men’s clothing store under homme et femme (who also handles Fred Perry, Comme des Garçons, Pylones, and Y-3, in the Philippines among others) that commissioned me to do a sort of art wall as their window display. This is my first ENORMOUS-SCALE work, which I rushed through before leaving for the U.S. Yes, that long ago! I don’t have decent photographs of the whole thing yet, just because it’s massive, so these Instagram snaps by me, my sister, and my dad will have to do.

If you are in the Mall of Asia (jk it’s at the) SM Aura area, please go visit it. :) It’s located at Hoodwink’s window facing the driveway to the parking area.

Halo-Halo Tago Lookbook


In an impressive display of cramming, I managed to finish Halo-Halo’s latest lookbook called “Tago” in the space between me arriving in Manila and right before leaving for Korea. Halo-Halo is a local bag brand that aims to infuse traditional flavor in modern pieces. Tago, for example, makes use of banig and neoprene together. I was so excited to work on this because I love their aesthetic and what they’re aiming for, especially since they’ve managed to meld together contemporary bag shapes with local fabrics and weaves without making them look tacky or pilit.

You can shop their bags here.

When in Manila &

In a fortunate series of events (ha), I found myself listed among great artists in both When in Manila’s 10 New Filipino Artists You Should Know Now and’s 10 New Filipino Artists You Need to Know while I was in Korea. It was such a great surprise because it’s no secret that I’ve been quite insecure and unsure about the things I’ve been making lately… at least on here. When I got back from my US trip, I resolved to really focus on just making nice things, and things that I like, regardless of feedback. So, it’s nice to see that other people seem to like my work, too. :)

Seoul, Korea


This was my first visit to South Korea, and I don’t think it will be my last. It definitely was more beautiful, fun, cool, etc. etc. than I was expecting (sorry, Isa). I admittedly don’t really know a lot about Seoul, so we kind of just went with an open mind and were we blown away. I’ll try to have pictures and some hopefully helpful info up soon!

And, that’s about it. For now, I’m getting my bearings and gearing myself up for both upcoming projects and also the hectic frenzy of the holidays. Oh, the irony.

Anyway, hi guys. I hope you’re all doing well.