Month: November 2014

Casual Consumption No. 7

In lieu of a The Sunday Currently, I thought of doing a round of Casual Consumption. Just ’cause! Books I put my last list on hold (womp, womp, womp) and dove into Diana Wynne Jones’ Howl’s Moving Castle. (Blame Krysty!) I’m really liking it so far—really much better than the film—and I’m only a couple […]

The Sunday Currently Vol. 4

You know the drill. Past volumes (ha) of The Sunday Currently can be found here. Reading I scored a copy of the latest installment in the very-long Percy Jackson universe, The Blood of Olympus. I can’t help it; I’ve been hooked ever since I started reading the series. This is the type of YA/intermediate fiction […]

Casual Consumption No. 6

I haven’t had much time to “consume” many things, just because I’ve been all over the place, but I thought I’d make a quick update anyway. Knowing me, it will probably not be as short as I think it will be. Books I have been reading Kelly Link’s Magic for Beginners, a short story collection […]

Blanc Gallery

November Shows at Blanc

I was going to work my way backwards, but then I figured that it might be better to just post this first, since the other shows I have photos of in my back log are over already anyway. Makes little difference if I post this up first! On November 15, three solo shows opened at […]