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Letters to July

For most of the month, I’ve been watching this series of videos called Letters to July. In 2013, Emily (or emilieofnewgloom on YouTube) started this project, where she and a bunch of her YouTube friends make letters to July each day of the month. She did it again this year, and I loved watching a letter each day. Most of them are quite thoughtful and moving. Most are also just about a minute each.

The videos address July, as though it were an entity you could speak to, which reminded me very much of Shane Jones’ Lightboxes‘ February. Anyway, I made my own letter to July:

Anyway, it’s a great project. I really love how short the videos are, but how they say a lot. If you wanted to see them, here’s the playlist for the 2013 letters (about 35 minutes):

And, here’s the playlist for the 2014 letters (about 37 minutes):

You can also just choose to watch a couple, but I can’t really pick a favorite as they are all pretty special in their own way.

What projects have you been liking lately?