Month: August 2014

Casual Consumption No. 4

Film I saw a few new films since my last update, including What If, which starred Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan, because of course. I’m not really sure what the reasoning behind the title is, or what they were trying to speculate with the movie. What I think about when I think of the title […]

Casual Consumption No. 3

It’s been so long since my last Casual Consumption post that it makes no sense to back track and list everything I’ve casually consumed since then because it would be a pretty freaking long post filled with boredom and grief. (Mostly yours.) (source) Film I just watched Guardians of the Galaxy last Sunday and it […]

To the Mountains!: Baguio 2014

This was probably my favorite trip to Baguio, even though I was stupidly sick. (That’s a thing, right?) Usually, we’ll make the typical rounds around Session Road and the John Hay area, but this time around, we were actually visiting Nona and her dogs, aka Noah’s doggy family. She drove us to all her favorite […]