Month: July 2014

Capsule Book Reviews No. 1

I’ve been slowly, manually re-uploading some of the entries I managed to save via Google Cache and the Wayback. Some of the posts are only partially saved, though, and I can’t recreate the comments, which are the only two things that I am pretty bummed about. In any case, I’m really happy that at least […]

New at West: July 2014

The first week of July has proven to be quite the week for art excursions. At least for me! I am usually too lazy (oops) and by the time I’ve gathered motivation to go, the exhibits are usually no longer on display. Anyway, last July 3, there were a number of shows that opened at […]

First of July:

I don’t know why it feels a little weird updating here. Honestly, it doesn’t feel the same! But I still want to post stuff, because not posting feels even stranger. So, I kicked off the month with actual progress on my (secret) monthly goals. They are not actually secret goals; it’s just a list that […]