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On Gathered Narratives

I realized that I never even wrote about Gathered Narratives, the group show I had in June with my… um, family. It wrapped up on the 5th, so it’s not like you can still see it, but I’ve always been kind of persistent with documenting things, even if they memories come a little bit (or much) later than when they actually happened.

Anyway, the exhibit. It’s kind of a little weird to think about it, so first a little background: Each of us has been actively making art from two to thirty years, if I’m not mistaken. I certainly never thought my path would cross over to the arts or even anything visual. I was always a lover of words, and I kind of thought that I would spend most of my time writing. I fell into design because of the Internet and blogging, and then I ventured into art… inevitably. Like my siblings, both of whom were on very different paths, I didn’t really think that this show was even a possibility. Or, more accurately, that it was a possibility that would make me feel proud or happy, not like I was put up to this gimmicky, novel thing.

Like I said, we weren’t really even thinking about getting involved with art, so it never really made sense to put up a family show until now. I’m not really sure why we didn’t get into art. It would have been so great to grow up knowing for sure what you wanted to be, and knowing that your parents would understand and would probably even help you. It was probably the teenage need to be stubborn and rebel! Who even knows.

Gathered Narratives is our first family show (and curated by Nilo Ilarde, whose work I love and admire), and it was so much fun seeing everyone who came by and supported it and said nice things about it, even after the opening. I kept getting tags on Instagram from friends and strangers who went out of their way to go and see it. I really felt so touched, as corny as that sounds, because the show was really special to me.


Anyway, I don’t really want to wax poetic about this. I find it really awkward to type about, for some reason? I just wanted to put up a place for gratitude for everyone who has been so kind to me and my family over the years.

I don’t even have photographs of the opening night. Here are some by Tammy David for Silverlens, and here are some fun ones from the installation days. You can view the pieces here. I think you can buy a catalog of the show at Silverlens! I’m not sure how many they still have, but I’m quite taken by it. If I do say so myself:

And here are some photographs I stole:





  • Congratulations! You have a very talented family. I appreciate your works!

    • Carina

      Thank you, Juvy!

  • congrats! I also got into design through the internet. I never imagined myself making a career out of design, but I love it and I hope to go to art school now :) always nice to meet people who can relate.

    • Carina

      Ahh, that’s awesome! Thank you for sharing. :) Any schools or majors you had in mind?

  • Raymond

    Congrats again, Carina! Can’t imagine how great it must’ve felt putting up a show as a family. Happy for you guys!

    • Carina

      Omg a comment from Raymond! Hahaha hello, thank you so much for dropping by the show and 4 d suPp0rt,, Hahaha

  • Diane

    Si Noah nalang kulang. Pwede din siya magpaint using his paws or use a paintbrush with his mouth. Hehehehehe. Congrats!

    • Carina

      Ngak, wag na! Haha mahirap paliguan yun e. Salamat!

  • “I certainly never thought my path would cross over to the arts or even anything visual. I was always a lover of words, and I kind of thought that I would spend most of my time writing.”

    Believe it or not, these are exactly the same words I’d be saying for myself these days. A wonderful turn of events for me, if I may say.

    I hope I’d get to see your family’s art “in person” someday.


    • Carina

      Thank you so much, and congratulations on your personal victories :)

  • Great job to all of you!! But I just have to say your mom’s Isabel is the bomb! I love it! and there’s something in the morning light 2 that moves me, I dont know…. nostalgic? … can’t find the right word… hmmm Mona Santos, I’ll never forget that name ( I hope so).

    • Carina

      Thank you!

  • This is something I really wish I’d gone to! I was talking to Beng about it but sadly work got in the way. (Our schedules are unpredictable – and that’s putting it lightly pa haha) Sana available pa ung book? I’ve always looked up to your family’s amazing talent. Galing! Sana ganto din pamilya ko in the future. Haha. See ya around, Carina!

    • Carina

      Hey Kaye! I’m not sure, pero I think yes! Hehe super thanks for the kind words. :) See you around, Kaye! Hopefully your schedule will open up and we can :)