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Thoughts From Places: Japan 2014 & Other Things

Yay, a video! I’ve been meaning to make a video for a while and when it comes to “I’ve been meaning to” for me, I don’t really realize just how long a thing I’ve been meaning to do has been left to percolate until I actually backtrack and check. In the case of video-things, the last one I uploaded was four months ago.

Like I said in the video description box, this isn’t a “real” Thoughts From Places video, mainly because I don’t even talk during it. I just wanted to give the editing-to-music a try, but it ended up being somewhat sleepy because the song I used was a bit slow, though it is gorgeous. (It’s called “A City I’ve Never Been To, A Girl I Never Knew” by Bones Like Snowflakes.)

Also on the list of things “I’ve been meaning to” do, I made an Instagram ‘teaser’ for this video, which was probably done in a very hard way. I tend to try and figure things out for myself, only to find out that there are easier ways to do the things. At least I’m trying, yeah?

For actual thoughts from these places, visit the blog posts I made of the trip

Tokyo, Part I
Tokyo, Part II


For Bones Like Snowflakes music, check out them out on Band Camp.

Honestly, I think I have devolved into a “no man,” and that kind of terrifies me a little bit. I have been dragging my feet trying to do the things that I know in my heart I want to do, so there’s that. I don’t know what has happened to me; I can’t exactly pinpoint where things went south. (However, I am on the up & up, I guess!)

In Nothing Spaces news, I updated my About page, my F.A.Q., and my Colophon. Just because they were severely outdated. You know, for someone who spends a lot of time online, pretty much all of my blogs and accounts are outdated.

In Cool Things That Will Happen, we (as in my family) have a group show next week at Silverlens. Gathered Narratives opens on June 5, so if you feel like popping over, please do so!

Here’s the Facebook Event, if you need more information. We hope to see you there. :)

Originally published May 2014.