Month: May 2014

The Happy List Vol. 1

(Kind of embarrassing how these “series” only go up to one or two, but if it’s not working—it’s not working!) Anyway, I saw this over at Camie’s blog and thought I’d give it a shot. Just a short & sweet list of little things that make me happy. Actually, come to think of it, this […]

Beach Week

I spent 5 days last week by the sea: 3 days in Puerto Galera and 2 in La Union. I wouldn’t call myself a “beach person,” just because I don’t go to the beach enough. I love actually being there, lazing around and reading or swimming or jumping onto the next oncoming wave. I don’t […]

Wanderland 2014

Just a quick post on Wanderland, the music festival that happened on May 17th. I had no intentions of going, but changed my mind because I wanted to see The Drums again! I saw them in 2012 for Laneway and it made me such a big fan of theirs. I actually got to do a […]


I’ve got just a few photos from #YSProm, which happened fairly recently. Young Star, the Friday youth section of The Philippine Star! My first newspaper piece (aside from another one from high school I’d rather not talk about) was for Young Star, and I remember being super terrified by it because I had to interview […]