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March 2014 Favorites

So, this is something that I’m trying to do more consistently, too. Just because sharing is caring, and it’s nice to see what you ended up loving so much at one point in your life.

March Faves - 1

I haven’t been reading much, but I re-devoured Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman series, which I loaded onto my iPad. I’ve already read until A Game of You. The app I use is called Comic Zeal, which was recommended to me by Sarie.

I’ve also been loving my Lomo Diana Baby. Ever since I found a place that would take in my 110 exposures, I’ve been loving bringing this little camera around. Of course, I’ve got my Field Notes here, too. This is the one I’ve currently cracked open, and it was the Colors edition that went out last winter called “Cold Horizon.”

March Faves - 2

My pens of choice are my LAMY Safaris (I somehow have 3 already?) and since the paper of Field Notes can’t really take fountain pen ink all that well, I have been using a lot of the Pilot Frixion pens. They’re ideal for scheduling, too!

March Faves - 3

My last favorite tangible thing is this Minimalist Wallet by Ecolution, a Swiss shop on Etsy. It was smaller than I thought it would me, but it’s great because it forces me to keep my wallet contents in check.

March Faves - 4
It’s personalized with my initials, too!

Other favorites this month are the indiemakeupandmore subreddit, T.V. Marathons while working (I finished Hannibal, Orange is the New Black, and recently this April, finally, Game of Thrones season 3), and Mistaken for Strangers, which is a film by The National that Tom Berninger, Matt’s brother made.

It is wonderful and I think it is actually a forever favorite, all The National biases aside. Mistaken For Strangers is available for download here.

And of course, lastly, a big March favorite was my second trip to Japan. I never thought I would be able to return there so soon, and even get to explore a new place, Tokyo! If you’d like to see photos of that trip, I have them here:

I think that’s it for now! Thank you for reading, and please feel free to share any favorites/recs you have this month. :)

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