Month: February 2012

I Love February and Leap Years

February has been, thus far, exciting. Aside from the grandness of Laneway, February has been randomly filled my pockets with tiny sprinklings of amazingness. It’s all very cool; hard to believe that everything only happened in a span of 28.5 days. Funny, too, that this great month has an extra day. We saw Toro y […]

A Musical Experiment

in which i excuse my annoyingness using the guise of an ‘experiment.’ While nursing my post-Laneway depression, I started listening to The Drums a lot and came face to face with the animosity that surrounds what I understand to be The Drums’ first single off of Portamento. “Money” is, in my opinion, an infectious, dangerously […]

Laneway Singapore 2012

in which i don’t have any money (but it’s okay, because i’m quite happy) The Traveling Music Bug bit me in 2010, when my brother and I decided to go to Singapore for the Vampire Weekend concert. We went again in 2011 for The National. It’s not the first time we’ve flown to satiate the […]