Year: 2011

Meiday/Hato Launch

in which i post photos of the meiday-arigato hato! ep launch. I’m not very good at social situations in general. I’m the kind of person who likes staying in to read and have movie marathons. I prefer dinner dates and stories shared over coffee to nights of dancing. I don’t know why, but these things […]

Another Sunny Afternoon

in which i tell you how much i like quiet days and good conversation. sort of. I get so excited and I’ve got nothing to regret It sure beats sitting, I know I’m stuck inside watching television Cold coffee and stale cigarettes — “Another Sunny Afternoon” by Nickel Eye I like laid-back days. The last […]

West Gallery: September 13.

I like it when my parents’ gallery opens exhibits. Aside from the obvious reasons (e.g. convenience, relentless bias), it’s always enjoyable because there are usually four shows up for display and consumption. Last Tuesday, four amazing artists—Mark Andy Garcia, Jigger Cruz, Dexter Fernandez, and Bjorn Calleja—had their works up! And I was pretty excited. My […]