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mnl ✈ bkk

It’s Cinco de Mayo! So, naturally, I am hauling ass off to Bangkok. I will be back on the twelfth, so I don’t know, maybe you can email me if you need me. I wanted to put a queue on this thing so there’s some semblance of life during this week-long absence, but I got overwhelmed by laziness and you know, general lack of interesting things to say. However, I will try to blog using my phone. I’m leaving my laptop, and I am already undergoing separation anxiety.

My plan for may was actually sort of going to be something self-transformational, so I was going to go over goals and make actual plans for things. But obviously, that didn’t happen. I was undergoing a minor crisis yesterday, which isn’t ideal when you are just about to go on a trip, but those are things you can’t really help, I guess.

One goal I actually pushed through with (or looks like I am anyway), is my plan to make May my sci-fi/fantasy reading month! Last month was, with no intent, a non-fic reading month. Maybe themed months are what work for me, who knows? In any case, I’m bringing the first two installments of C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy: “Out of the Silent Planet” and “Perelandra.” I have about eight more titles, because I am either ambitious or pretty stupid, but I’m quite excited.

Wrote that entry before I left but never got around to posting it! I’ve spent a day and a half in Bangkok, so far, and it’s so different from what I remember.

Been around so many parts of the city, and I’m still so excited!