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Happy Birthday, Nothing Spaces!

Dear Reader,

If you are still around, it would (maybe) interest you to know that Nothing Spaces turned two a few days ago! I’ve been experiencing server errors for the past month and a half, so I’ve held off posting, but I am pretty sure that I’ve fixed the problem (concerned the IP address my FTP account was pointing to), so I’ll be posting pretty regularly here again.

I have a bunch of posts up my sleeve right now, I just have to get around to writing them. Some will probably be exciting! Others, not so much. In any case, I just wanted to say that NS turned two (!) and that I am not dead. A list of things I have been up to:

  • Bangkok! I went with Karen, Therese, Roxy & Sarie. We stayed there a whopping 8 days, and had a great time eating and just exploring the city. Here is a photo post, in case you missed it. I would very much love to go back.
  • Bohol! I went with my family to Bohol, one of the Philippines’ biggest tourist destinations. I have never been, and although our stay was quite short, I had a really great time with my folks.
  • Farm Visit part 2. Went to Herbana Farms again this weekend, where we had a great frakking lunch (no joke). I brought home rosemary and lavender plants for my mom.

And so on! It’s funny, but I think I have been out of the house more times in the year I’ve been out of college, than during all four years that I was in it. I think I’ve been opening up a bit more. One of the best things I’ve learned on my Bangkok trip is that shyness is a crutch. More on that soon.

A big personal victory for me was contributing to Rogue for the month of May. I held off posting about it, because I didn’t have my physical copy yet, and then things got in the way. But here, I am announcing it now. This is one of the pieces that I made for the issue. Here is another one:


I hope you guys get a copy, because—and I don’t mean this as a pat on my own back—it’s such a great issue, touching on a wide variety of topics and it has a lot of great art by Dan Matutina.

In the meantime, I’m working on some posts (I have a lot in mind and they are a jumbled mess in my head!), and a give-away for Nothing Spaces’ second birthday. For everyone who stuck by weird server shenanigans, thank you! My traffic went way down, but I got a lot of messages telling me my blog was down and that they missed it.

Just so you know, I missed you guys, too.