Year: 2011

Hong Kong, 2011

in which i dump photos of my hong kong trip on you, dear viewer. Hong Kong has been a recent favorite city to visit. This time around, I was able to explore the Hong Kong side, instead of the Kowloon side, which is where we usually stay. I was able to explore a bit more, […]

Up in the Air

on traveling and the oft-forgotten miracle of flying. oh, and jack gilbert. En route to Hong Kong, October 2011. Today, Aldrin has revealed his distaste for traveling. After the initial displays of aghast and disappointment, I thought about why I loved to. If I had my way—and if I could afford to spend all of […]

Mr. November: The National in Singapore

in which I experienced something I didn’t know I had been waiting for. Once upon a time, I didn’t really get The National. Those were very dark times. A friend of a friend said “Slow Show” was her favorite song. So, I listened to Boxer again—listened, this time, very carefully—and something life-changing happened. There’s just […]

Birthdays / Relish at Ponte

I don’t like making plans on days near my birthday. Aside from being crippling-ly anti-social and misanthropic, I have realized that my birthday occurs around typhoon seasons. Generally, my birthday comes bearing gifts of Hours Of No Electricity. I’ve learned not to expect much from my birthdays, but I think this last one was pretty […]