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prague, 2016

Prague, 2016

Prague wasn’t really on my immediate radar as a place to visit, and I think it’s because I didn’t really know much about it to begin with. In almost three decades of existing, I just knew that the beer there is great, and the food is good and cheap.

Prague is a walking city, and because I couldn’t be bothered to figure out multiple transport systems in only a handful of weeks, we mostly saw the city on foot. It was sort of ridiculously hot — really quite unforgiving; a betrayal of my idea of a jaunt to Europe, personally — but even then (and this is me talking, enemy of the urban sun!), I’m happy we got to go around the city and see more of the outside routes, rather than take the trains from point to point. I guess it helped that we had no real agenda, except to visit and see, well, Prague.

Our Airbnb’s located in Prague’s Old Town, and Prague’s Old Town Square is just a few minutes away by foot. Actually, a lot of places are just within a few minutes away from each other, so every time we got to one destination, it felt a little unnecessary to hop on public transportation, so we ended up walking it most of the time.

Around the Old Town Square is the National Gallery in the Prague Astronomical Clock (Prague orloj), a medieval engineering marvel. We didn’t get to see the hourly shows, but this area is always full of tourists, so just a precaution! We also went to the National Gallery (Kinský Palace) which mostly had Asian art.

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Me & the 3 B’s: Berlin, Billund & Beng

When my sister asked me to fly in a week earlier than my family so we could spend some sister-time with each other, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the idea. I had planned on staying behind about three weeks after my family left, and moving my plans one week earlier meant less time to explore on my own and more time exposed to the infernal summer heat. I went anyway—begrudgingly (sorry, Beng!)—and realized that, as usual, my younger sister had more foresight than me. Read More


Away: a mix

For most of my six weeks away, I listened to one playlist (with stray albums and some tracks that aren’t available on Spotify). Since I hadn’t posted any mixes in recent memory—so dramatic—I thought I’d share that one with you. No rhyme or reason; just some tracks about leaving, some that relate to the places I went you in one way or another, and some that kind of describe the climate of my personal life at the time.

I will try to do a YouTube playlist, too, since Spotify—although I love it and do use it quite a bit—is, at times, a little lacking.

Away: a mix (Spotify)
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Capsule Book Reviews No. 5: February and March 2016

Jumping from last entry of the Capsule Book Review variety, here are short book reviews of the literature I finished consuming in February 2016. I consider the month I finished reading these books as their rightful “read on” time, so although I did start some of them in January, these are my February books.

04— Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

I cannot even begin to explain how much I loved this book. As you may or may not know, I am a Harry Potter superfan, dating back to the time I was forbidden to read the series because of witchery, after I had already developed an attachment to The Sorcerer’s Stone. (Long story.) Anyway, you can imagine how much Harry Potter fanfic I have consumed in my lifetime. You can also probably imagine how much I loved Rowell’s Fangirl. In case you didn’t know Carry On is an offshoot of Fangirl, in that the latter is an exploration of the Potteresque fictional universe—that of Simon Snow—set inside another fictional universe.

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10 Things About Seoul

I’m leaving for about a month and a half in a few weeks, and today, I woke up with an urge to upload my travel photos, which is a feeling that doesn’t come around often, so let’s just roll with it. Also, I was looking at my travel tag to see which trips I haven’t posted about yet… and v. alarming to see that I may have misplaced photos from one particular trip I haven’t posted about yet… but let’s hope that isn’t the case.

I went to Seoul with Liana and Sarie back in November 2014. Can you believe how long it actually takes me to get things up on this? I think it’s the photo stuff… Like, I probably shouldn’t take so long or post so many… But anyway. A bunch of their friends from high school (which included my cousin, Maita!) were in Seoul, too, so we went around with them to places we want to go to that are also part of their itinerary.


I don’t usually go around with groups this big, so it was a different experience. S/O to Sarie, Liana, Maita, Mikee, Ange, Gica, Mej, and Gia!

(In the process of fixing this post, I realized why I get to lazy to do these things. Anyway, I take too many photos of everything is the reason. And I don’t know how to edit or pare down very well. This is a practice passed on to me by my LiveJournal, “document everything” past. But we are more than the sum of our parts, et cetera, et cetera.)


Because there were so many photos, and also because I don’t remember a lot of the details, I’m going to try and post my Seoul trip in 10 parts! I was there for about eight days, so. Um. Here we go. Read More